December 18, 2019

And so the Democrats finally get what they’ve been aching to do since Election Night 2016 – impeach the President. I hope all you Democrats and liberals out there are rejoicing tonight, because this is your high-water mark as far as the whole impeachment saga goes. How do I know? Think about it:

First you had the whole “Russia collusion” thing. Question: did you hear any specific charges related to “Russia collusion” in the Dems’ two articles of impeachment? No.

Then you had the Mueller investigation and subsequent report. Question: did you hear any specific charges related to the Mueller investigation in the Dems’ two articles of impeachment? No.

Then you had the Ukraine phone call. Question: did you hear any specific charges related to the Ukraine call in the Dems’ two articles of impeachment? No.

So what exactly did the Dems impeach him for? As Powerline blog’s Paul Mirengoff (no fan of Trump by any means, BTW) writes:

The historical significance of this event lies mainly in the fact that, until now, no president has been impeached without some allegation in an article of impeachment that he committed a crime. This was also the first impeachment proceeding that had no support in the House from a single member of the president’s party.

Legal scholars disagree as to whether impeachment requires a crime. However, the Constitution provides that impeachment of a president is to be for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” I find it hard to read this language as permitting impeachment in the absence of the two crimes specified or another significant crime.

Moreover, as Ted Cruz pointed out during a discussion at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week, the framers of the Constitution rejected a draft that called for impeachment for “corruption,” as well as a draft that called for it in cases of “maladministration.”

It seems to me that the Democrats have impeached Trump for some combination (as they see it) of corruption and maladministration.

“Abuse of power”? Are you kidding me? In what way, specifically? “Obstruction of Congress”? You mean, by the President exercising his rights to not provide requested information to Congress without a formal impeachment inquiry in place? I mean, seriously – is that the best they could come up with?

I have to think that “San Fran Nan” Pelosi knows her time is up. She’s obviously lost control of her party’s power base. How do I know? The fact that she’s allowed the likes of Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff to manage this fiasco. Think about it, Democrats: these are your powerhouse legislators? An absurdly obese toady and a bug-eyed loon who is as dirty as they come?

Unfortunately for many liberals and Democrats, they’re going to wake up tomorrow absolutely stunned that Donald Trump is still President. And will continue to be. This is how ignorant the Democratic base is: they really think they accomplished something by this charade.

Oh, I do believe the Democrats have accomplished something. No one knows what will happen between now and next November, and I would caution all those conservatives out there that there is still a heckuva long way between now and next November 3. Anything can happen in politics. But because the only cards the Democrats have left in there hands to play – the race card and the impeachment card – that’s not a whole lot for Democrats in red states and swing-voting districts to argue on behalf of their re-elections. The impeachment charade might play well on the cable networks and in liberal strongholds across the country, but compared to the record Donald Trump will be running on, that accounts for bupkis. And right now (and of course things can change) the House will be a bloodbath for Democrats next November.

And regardless of the brave Botoxed face “San Fran Nan” is putting on, I have to think deep down she knows this is a fiasco beyond all imagination — the reality of which will hit the Democrats Thursday morning when everyone realizes that everything that they have focused on and pushed for the last three years has resulted in nothing. Trump is still President, and will continue being President for at least the next eleven months. Oh sure, she’ll likely try to extend the fiasco as long as she can, but how can you on one hand argue that the President deserves to be impeached but then employ delay tactics to keep it out of Mitch McConnell’s hands? She knows she’s trying to make chicken salad out of chickensh*t, but you can only play that game for so long. But she knows there’s no other choice – whether or not the Dems retain the House after next November’s election she knows she’s out – so she’s reduced to playing the role of loyal soldier knowing there are young lions out there just waiting to rip her apart.

I hope it was worth it, Democrats. Because starting tomorrow you’ll have to actually face the reality of life after impeachment. And it won’t be pretty.

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