December 14, 2019

I’m actually heading to Las Vegas for (believe it or not) work, but when I come back it’s all Christmas, all the time. There are presents to warp and all kind of stuff to get ready for. In the meantime…

Climate change teen-fab and elitist / leftist human shield Greta Thunberg is nothing but a misguided and exploited twit, someone who makes me want to burn as much wood as I can possibly find in my brandy-new firepit, throwing as much CO2 into the atmosphere as I can manage. She makes me want to take chainsaws to redwoods, machine guns to polar bears, and dump all my old motor oil into every water source I can find. She’s learned well from the Fascist Left; someone who has no interest in rationally and deliberately looking for solutions.

This certainly caused my ears to perk up. Maybe my prediction of a Madame Hillary Stacy Abrams ticket isn’t that far off after all. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been right on this kind of thing, you know…

Oh, to live in Kentucky again. Now this is my kind of judge!

Is there nothing that meat won’t do? As I remember a Montana rancher saying one day, if God didn’t intend man to eat meat then why did he create steak? And the same holds true for bacon. Me? I live for bacon, crispy side, please.

Like father, like son. Hunter Biden is a sleaze ball, and the apple don’t fall too far from the tree.

Good for the Hallmark Channel. Listen, you warped, perverted LGBTQ activists: you want your own pervert Christmas? Create your own movies and run them on Logo or OWN and allow the rest of us enjoy the holiday season without forcing your own personal agendas on the rest of us. Just because you’re screwed up emotionally and sexually doesn’t mean you have the right to impose your views on us. Just as we don’t have the right vice-versa. Live and let live, for gawdsakes!

..and this is more than good, because in the Age of Trump expect to see a whole lot more of this. When the Obama White House encouraged Democrats to punch back twice as hard they never could have imagined Republicans and conservatives finding the courage to do the same. But President Trump is leading the way on this — believe me, when you’re dealing with bullies and the Fascist Left, punching back twice as hard is the only thing they understand.

So sad. The Independence was a beautiful ship. I still to this day get stirred emotionally when I see beautiful aircraft carriers.

I think the Red Sox are making a huge mistake if they trade Jackie Bradley, Jr, but cutting payroll and raising ticket costs is something very few baseball franchises can do and get away with it.

Trump is right: what’s good for the goose…

Personally, what I’d like to see is an extended, marathon six-month impeachment trial in the Senate where everyone – and I do mean everyone involved in the Russia collusion hoax and the FISA court abuses gets called, regardless of Party, and burn the whole damned town down. It won’t happen, of course – there is too much money and too many reputations on the line, but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to see folks like so-called “whistleblower” (actual political hack and general, overall fraud) Eric Ciaramella and sleazeball extraordinaire Hunter Biden giving testimony and being carried away in chains if they’re found to lie under oath. Drain the Swamp!!

…and that includes those Fusion GPS butt-wipes.

Now, there’s something very interesting going on here. As we all know, Simpson and Fritsch are founders of Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm. That’s what they get paid to do. Their smearing of the Trump campaign was funded by, first, a conservative website and later the DNC. Are they being paid again? If so, who’s paying them? If not, that’d be important to know.

More importantly, however, than all of that is the following: the Mueller report and Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report have shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Fusion GPS’s investigation was based on little more than lies, innuendo, and drunken gossip. To a very large degree, Simpson and Fritsch are responsible for the terrible days many Trump campaign advisers have had. They’ve been accused of being Russian agents, the president himself had to explain to his wife that, no, he didn’t let prostitutes pee on a hotel bed in Moscow, and Americans’ trust in their political system has been deeply undermined.

There comes a point where political subterfuge for the sake of pushing one’s political agenda becomes very dangerous. The damage Fusion GPS has done to this country is incalculable.

R.I.P. Danny Aiello. Loved him in Moonstruck.

Congratulations to Boris Johnson and the conservative “Brexits” for their overwhelming victory. Of course, there will now be a “resistance” similar to what happened with American liberals after the 2016 election: liberals, after all, are the poorest losers in the world. But now watch how President Trump uses Brexit to work on exceptional trade deals with the UK, further tossing China’s economy into the dumpster. Good for Boris, good for the UK, screw the Chi-coms.

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