December 10, 2019

Typical shallow, elitist liberal activism – expect someone else to pony up $ for a solution they don’t want to fix themselves. If you’re that riled up about homelessness, why not take real action and band together to invite homeless people to move in with you? You know why? Because deep down they despise the homeless and think they’re better than them. But it’s so much easier to inconvenience yourself for just one night and go back to your warm lodging and kick back with cocktails and slap yourself on the back to “daring to take a stand!”

Not for nothing, but if this sliver of interview isn’t enough for the Trump administration to call everyone’s bluff and enact an executive order for mandatory Voter ID and paper ballots for 2020 federal elections (the various states can do what they wish for all inner-state elections), then I don’t know what is. Talk about being handed the golden goose of opportunity!

Whaddaya you expect? Dude was a rapper, not a nuclear physicist.

Just the latest example of why I have come to believe that Pope Francis is nothing more than an agent of Satan bent on destroying Christianity in the world. He won’t succeed, of course, but it won’t be for his lack of trying!

Slo’ Joe Biden is looking older and more foolish every day. Every time I see that sh*t-eating grin I think he’s assuring me that the $1500 for window tinting added to my used car purchase will save me money in the long run.

We are living in truly historic times. I wonder what the future holds for China? I guarantee you this kind of thing would not be happening had Hillary Clinton be elected president. The people in Hong Kong see President’s Trump’s bullishness on display and they find the courage to respond accordingly.

…which makes me wonder what Iran would be like today had Barack Obama stood behind the massive protests at the time. But he couldn’t, because there was too much money at stake. Which brings me to this thought:

From the very beginning I’ve always suspected this alone was what the whole Russia and Ukraine thing was all about. For who knows how long the federal bureaucracy – involving both parties – has been getting rich off of foreign policy and foreign investments. They all thought the golden goose was going to get even more golden with the mother of all shakedown artists and crime families being elected president, but then that damned outsider and non-politician Donald Trump gets elected and they freak out because everyone in the nation’s intelligence community, State Department, and the mainstream media know damned well their fingerprints were on everything designed to prevent Trump’s election and, ab that, his removal from office. If you want to blame the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerrold Nadler, fine, but you can bet that there are some very big Republicans who want this impeachment thing to go nowhere, though not for the reasons one might expect. They’re all filthy, their hands are all dirty, and now they’re left with a bag of dog-sh*t called impeachment hanging around their necks.

I truly think they thought that Trump, being a political neophyte, could be tricked into doing something they could actually impeach him for, but, whether he was too street-smart or just politically dumb, he and his campaign and family never fell for it. It was almost like a game of chicken being played for the highest stakes to see which side blinked. Now it’s the Democrats who have blinked and you can bet that, even if they do end up voting for impeachment, the Republicans in the Senate will squash it like a bug lest the President and his team even begin to think of calling witnesses.

Call it the cynic in me, I don’t believe any of them – the President, the Democrats, nor the Republicans. Everyone is now looking to find a way out, and we’ll see just how much the Democrats truly want to pursue this in the days ahead. Everyone is going to be looking to save some kind of face because there are literally trillions of dollars at stake, and I have a sneaky feeling that Ukraine was the main avenue through which influence and money flowed.

…don’t believe me? Don’t you find it curious that it has taken a small, fledging news network to get their hands dirty and do the kind of investigative journalism the big networks and newspapers used to do? I certainly do, but like the whole Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein stories, investigative journalism is dead because of the incestuous relationship between the media and both political parties in Washington.

Call it the “Deep State” or “The Swamp”, but shouldn’t it be at least questioned why what could be the greatest political scandal in perhaps the nation’s history has no takers?

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