November 29, 2019

Instead of my usual weekend post I figured I’d combine it with a post for “Black Friday”. My Christmas shopping, BTW, is complete – the only thing left is the usual (and fun) last-minute stocking stuffer shopping. So, rather than battle the crowds I will be doing a little work and a little house-cleaning. In the meantime:

Thanksgiving was a pretty low-key affair here at the Richard hacienda, just me and the twins enjoying a nice little dinner. I served it “buffet style”; the days of fancy dinners and elaborate place-settings are long over:

…but it served the purpose and now it’s on to the holiday season.

It’s because he does stuff like this that defines my love and respect for President Trump. He’s always putting the military and this country first. I’m really tired and, yes, now completely intolerant, of liberal, elitist morons who hate this man simply because he’s his own man, a businessman instead of a politician. Is he imperfect, brash, and full of himself? Of course. But he’s doing his job and trolls the mainstream media relentlessly. More importantly, he has singlehandedly taught Republicans how to push back against the liberals and the media elites who have been nothing more than bullies in using their positions and influence to personally destroy those who don’t follow their progressive / liberal / socialist / fascist agendas.

…BTW, how Trump ended up in Afghanistan without anyone knowing is truly a cool thing.

What’s really sad about the Trump presidency is that you have families and friendships being broken over it. To me, it’s completely unfathomable, albeit (knowing the mindset of liberals like I do) not surprising. Tell me, how many families or friendships do you know of that were broken by conservatives simply because someone else might have voted for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? On the other hand, tell me how many families have cut off contact, or people ending friendships simply because someone is a Trump supporter? I’ve lost one very cherished friendship and have had other friendships irreparably harmed simply because I’m an unabashed supporter of the President. And I’m not alone. It used to bother me, but I’ve come around to that I really don’t give a shit anymore.

…I mean, how shallow can someone be? If someone is willing to throw away something as precious as a friendship over something as insignificant (at least in the grand scheme of things) as politics, they can’t have been – I’m being brutally honest here – much of a friend to begin with. True friendship involves respecting the other person for who they are and what they believe – after all, it’s the differences and our own unique personalities that make friendships special. I take mine very seriously: there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do for my closest friends (and they know who they are!), therefore, it’s personally abhorrent to me to think that others can treat such a cherished thing so carelessly and recklessly. Then again, it’s kinda impossible to keep talking when the other person isn’t interested and obviously has no respect for you or your opinions. When you’re dealing with folks like that, you’re better off just going your separate ways. Screw ’em.

OK, enough of the soapbox.

When the President talks about “fake news” and how corrupt, petty, and incompetent the mainstream media is, Newsweek serves as the poster child. And this is what happens when you’re the poster child.

And speaking of poster children, here is the poster child of “quid pro quos”.

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but the Boston Celtics have become a fun team to follow by distance.

Did you know there are 300,000 Canadian residents in Hong Kong? And yet, not one Canadian flag among the sea of US flags during the latest democracy protests. Under the likes of Justin Trudeau, Canada has become one of the biggest pussies on the world political stage.

…and speaking of pussies.

Looks like I won’t be visiting Chick-fil-A anytime soon. It’s not to denigrate local franchises, which have been known to go above and beyond for their communities, but I choose to where I spend my hard–earned money seriously, and to hear that Chick-fil-A is supporting organizations openly hostile to religious and conservatives causes to kowtow to LGBTQ activists (the biggest group of fascists in the country), well, I got me a new Popeyes up the road.

Dick-head. Makes you wonder what gets between the ears of these clowns. Why can’t you just play football and let your actions speak for themselves? But I guess putting the team over individual accomplishment is just so stifling. And what does this say about his upbringing? Wouldn’t this reflect poorly on his family or upbringing? But I guess that kind of thing doesn’t matter anymore.

The Washington Post should rename itself to the Baghdad Bob Daily.

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