October 31, 2019

A few thoughts as the Richard hacienda gets ready for Halloween. We’ve got three bags of candy (KitKats, Snickers, and Reeses) and we’re going to fire up two Tiki torches in the pots by the driveway. I’ll have Pink Floyd’s “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” and “Absolutely Curtains” playing, and we’ll see just how many ghouls and goblins we get!!

…if the neighborhood (and good taste) would allow it, I’d go without clothes to costume myself as one of former California congresswoman Katie Hill’s interns.


In a battle of wits between President Trump and the New York Times the latter is deemed unarmed. Honestly, folks, what goes for “journalism’ these days is pretty pathetic.

Meet Eric Ciaramella, the so-called “Ukrainian whistleblower”. Of course, those of us who follow Greg Rubini’s Twitter account knew all about this two weeks ago. But I’m not picky who breaks it, as long as the news gets out. And it will.


Just as I’ve been predicting. Funny how these things tend to start coming into focus, isn’t it?

Headline Tuesday: “Former Bill Clinton adviser: Only one thing is keeping Hillary out of the 2020 race“. Which as it turns out, would be Hillary replacing Joe Biden if the latter were to drop out of the race:

“My feeling is that she wants to,” Morris said. “But she’s hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad. She’s got to wait until Biden drops out because he’s obviously next in line for it, and if he goes away, there’s an opening for her.”

Headline Wednesday” “Joe Biden in Danger of Humiliating Loss in Iowa, Top Democrats Warn“. Talk about “Here’s your hat, why are you leaving?”:

Joe Biden risks a humiliating third- or fourth-place finish in Iowa early next year, according to nearly a dozen senior Democrats in the state who attribute the prospect to what they see as a poorly organized operation that has failed to engage with voters and party leaders.

With fewer than 100 days until the Feb. 3 caucuses, Biden is failing to spend the time with small groups of voters and party officials that Iowans expect and his campaign’s outreach has been largely ineffective, according to 11 senior Democrats in the state. That could send Biden to a crippling loss behind Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, who have highly organized campaigns in Iowa, said the Democrats, most of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly about the campaign.

Look, it’s obvious what’s going on behind the scenes. Regardless of Barack Obama’s heralded status as a president, the fact is he was never a great Democratic fundraiser; he never promoted anything but himself. Alternatively, it’s the Clintons who remain the movers and shakers with the deep-pocket donors sitting on the sidelines just waiting for the word to come to the money-starved Democratic National Committee that help is on the way. So what you’re now seeing is Biden’s continued flaws and weaknesses as a candidate creating a gaping hole big enough for the Wicked With of Chappaqua to ride her broom through. I’ve already laid out the scenario for y’all, the only question is whether or not Biden makes it to Thanksgiving. I say not.

Prediction: watch for some crushing headlines in the next week or so further indicting Biden’s behavior with even more countries besides Ukraine, China, and Romania. Were I a conspiracy theorist, I’d almost believe that President Obama, knowing “Slo’ Joe”‘s predatory instincts for shaking down foreign countries to line both his pockets and those of his sons, gave him free reign, knowing it would all come back to bite him were he to run for president again. Hence, Obama’s reluctance to endorse his candidacy. Now Biden’s campaign – as predicted – is floundering, and where’s Barack? Nowhere to be found, that’s where. You have to give the Clintons credit – when it comes to politics, few – if any – have been as ruthless. If he wasn’t such a pathetic, senile clown one could almost feel sorry for “Slo’ Joe” – he actually believes he’s presidential material.


I didn’t vote for Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema but I have to admit I’m pretty happy with her willingness to be her own person and not just blindly tow the Democratic Party line. How do I know she’s got the courage of her own convictions? Red State’s Bonchie observes that left-wing rag Politico isn’t happy with the Senator’s willingness to play nice with the opposition:

A politician who thinks for themselves is oddly refreshing, even if she’s a Democrat. Reportedly, Sinema and Ted Cruz are fairly close, working together on the Commerce Committee. She’s said to spend as much time with Republicans as Democrats. Of course, her voting record, while decidedly more conservative than every other Democrat (including voting for several Trump appointments), is still fairly liberal. Yet, the tact of shunning Washington elitism and seemingly only caring about things that affect her constituents is a lot closer to the original intent of the Senate than the nationalized monstrosity it’s become.

…Politico really doesn’t like that though. Sinema, for all her leans toward moderation, is still a liberal Democrat. That’s not enough these days. You’ve got to set your hair on fire and run around screaming about impeachment to really be part of the club. You also can’t be liked by Republicans at all.

I’m more than willing to cut the senator a break. For one thing, I don’t vote for robots – Democrat or Republican – and have no “litmus test” as to whom I’d vote for. The fact that Sinema is willing to take positions reflective of her constituents (Arizona, after all, being a red-to-purple state) shows both intelligence and guile. She’s also (at least as politicians go) a fox – not Katie Hill caliber, but a fox nevertheless – and the fact she’s not adverse to being her own self is just another reason to like her. She’ll never always – even perhaps often – vote my way, but I do respect the fact she appears to follow the same kind of independent track Arizonans in Washington have always been known for.

…and no, I’m not talking about “Maverick” John McCain – he we was nothing more than a attention-seeking fraud.

Happy Halloween, yall!

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