October 29, 2019

I know it has been a while, but click on the links and I’m sure you’ll agree the wait was worth it.

I know I’m sixty-four, but I’m not dead, right? So if disgraced Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill plans on running for election in, oh, say, 2022, and she’s looking for an intern, here’s letting her know The Great White Shank is at her service. 😉

Sure, not everyone likes President Trump, but everyone loves dogs, right? So I’m guessing the Belgian Malimois that helped take down and shake down sleaze-ball terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is gonna get a lot of attention over the next few days. Americans love heroes, and Americans love dogs. And check this video out – what a breed of dog!!

The Babylon Bee is best political satire site out there, bar none. In fact, with headlines like this one has a hard time believing it truly is satire.

See, this is how it’s done. God, my brother Mark would have loved to have watched this. And this. It has such a dreamy quality about it, and you can’t beat the drum fills (which was what Mark was all about)!

…and these guys do such a great job on the Floyd’s “Atom Hear Mother” (one of my all-time favorite pieces) that has to be watched to truly enjoy. I always found the original album – given the technology of the times – to be quite muddy, thus hiding the genius of the composition and vocal arrangements. With this video you can experience it all in great clarity; to watch the vocal performers handle the truly unique and difficult parts is something to behold.

What is it about liberals that want to suck the joy out of everything they hear about or come in touch with? To me, the return of the Tiki bar can only be a good thing, right? Hat tip to all you liberal snowflakes out there: it’s not “cultural appropriation”, it’s something y’all might have heard something about but never experienced it for yourselves: it’s called “having a good time.”

I had to laugh hearing the Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media complaining about neither Nancy Pelosi nor Adam Schiff being informed about the al-Baghdadi raid. Honestly, is there anyone out there who truly think these two raving, drooling Trump-haters wouldn’t have breathlessly leaked it to the mainstream media, thereby either putting our soldiers in harms way or causing the mission to be cancelled outright? After all, it’s happened before. What’s different today is that Donald Trump isn’t a fool, he know who the liars and leakers are. How do you think the raid was pulled off without a single leak?

…which is why I’ve always been of the opinion that a lot of what you hear printed in the Washington Post and New York Times quoting “White House officials” are nothing more than planted stories designed to identify the leakers. Donald Trump is playing 4D chess in a town filled with Chinese Checkers players.

How big a hurdle are Democrats facing with independent and centrist Democratic voters in 2020? This big.

Fifty years ago it was Abbey Road. Forty years ago it was Tusk. Truly great albums, (#s 7 and 4, respectively, on my all-time top ten list of greatest albums of all time.

I’m trying my best through my GOP and conservative channels to make the Party leadership realize that coming out strong against this kind of thing is so winner winner it’s chicken dinner. But it just goes to show you just how powerful the LGBTQ lobby is out there. For the life of me I just can’t understand where the feminists are when it comes to this; this is nothing more than perverse, f**ked-up biological males encroaching on women’s sports turf and – at least up to now – getting away with it.

…but it just goes to show the power of the LGBTQ lobby in the mainstream media when you have a situation such as this allowed to the point that it has. It’s more than obvious the mother has more than a few screws loose, so how a jury could not see this as anything but blatant child abuse is beyond me.

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