October 4, 2019

It would be nice to spend the weekend doing outside chores but work has been especially brutal this week. So, rather than reorganizing my woodpile and getting started on painting and restaining my Tiki bar deck, much of the weekend will be spent indoors. In the meantime:

I must say I sure like Accuweather’s Winter forecast. Cooler and wetter in the Southwest ain’t gonna bother no one around these parts. Here’s hoping for massive snows in the Sierra Nevadas to fill up all those aquaducts and, most especially, Lake Mead.

Coming to a Democratic presidential nomination race near you:

Hillary Clinton loathes other people, but is incapable of existing without them. She can’t do what every other contender did and go away because she has nowhere to go. There’s a mansion in New York, but it has too many mirrors. And at night, she might start wandering and muttering, “Out, damned spot.”

And she won’t be talking about the neighbor’s dog who committed suicide in a local park.

Desperate and malicious, Hillary’s restless spirt wanders the nation and the world, haunting random supermarkets, gyms and colleges. To paraphrase her inspiration, Karl, a specter is wandering D.C. That’s where Hillary showed up to George Washington U to claim that she only lost Wisconsin because of Republican voter suppression. It had nothing to do with her failure to campaign in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, only 300 people turned out to hear her latest set of pathetic excuses and lies.

“I was the first person who ran for president in more than 50 years without the protection of the Voting Rights Act,” she whined.

The Voting Rights Act had been put into place to stop Democrat voter suppression in segregated states in 1965. Not to protect Hillary. It had nothing to do with why a rich white Democrat lost Wisconsin.

If there is a more repulsive, despicable, liar walking on the face of this earth I have yet to see it. Were she my wife, not only would I cheat on her, I’d find the most ugly, vile woman I could find, bed her, and then brag to the world that she’s the girl I’m cheating with. Call Hillary the “B’ word. Call her the “C” word. It doesn’t do either of these words poetic justice.

…speaking of Hillary, it’s all working out as predicted. Once you have the kind of left-wing mouthpiece that Politico is publishing this kind out thing it’s only time before Biden is finished. Combined with Bernie Sanders’ sudden health issue, funny how these things work out, isn’t it, Hillary?

Personally, I can’t wait for The Trump Network.

Can you imagine something like “Blazing Saddles” being made today? No way, and that’s a sad thing. If there’s one thing our culture has lost in the onslaught of liberalism it’s the ability to laugh at ourselves. It’s no wonder liberals are so miserable!

Joe Biden looks like the very definition of “Dead Man Walking”. He’s done like dinner, and I think even his campaign knows it.

If you’re stupid enough to allow a beer vendor to charge you $724 for beers, maybe you’re the ones that ought to be arrested – for stupidity!. That’s why I ALWAYS Request a receipt, no matter where I am and what its for. Of course, we’re talking about Miami Dolphins fans, so what can you expect?

This is what’s called going on the offensive. I guarantee this will be looked back on as the week the GOP came out swinging, and it’s a lock Democrats weren’t prepared for it. I suppose when you have virtually the entire mainstream media as your mouthpiece you can get lulled into thinking you can spew whatever lies you want, but there comes a point where even the mainstream media can’t swallow Adam Schiff’s repeated lies.

…and it’s about time the GOP started treating the Democrats with the same disdain the Democrats hold for them; one can only hope that Republicans running for Congress and the Senate in 2020 will follow suit.

Meanwhile, while Democrats flog the same poor mule called impeachment, President Trump continues to look after this country’s interests. Not to mention, a rockin’ economy. It’s no wonder the Democrats are only focused on impeachment!

Did you see this video? Thirty seconds into it, about where she says the world only has “a few months left”, I knew AOC and her audience was being punk’d. Turns out it was someone affiliated with the Lyndon LaRouche PAC. I do have to give her credit for an amazingly realistic bit of agitprop. Someone hire her – she’s a great actress!

…The fact that anyone (and I include many of my fellow conservatives in this) could actually think this person was serious shows you just how crazy the loony left has become. Not to mention the fact that, oh BTW, AOC was actually treating this person as someone serious ought to tell you just how serious AOC should be taken as a spokesperson for liberals everywhere. She’s still damned cute, tho, and she looks great in black.

Went to the Australian Pink Floyd Show down the street in Chandler last weekend and it was fantastic. Could have been a bit longer with a few more “deep tracks”, but if you’re a Pink Floyd fan and you get a chance to see it, by all means do. They opened with “Obscured by Clouds” (a personal favorite) and it seems they used this live performance as their inspiration. It was totally awesome.

If this is what goes for political punditry in Washington these days I have swamp land in Florida to sell you. The sad truth is, there are a small cadre of “Never Trumpers” who the mainstream media uses under a byline of so-called “Republican consultants” purely to further their own anti-Trump agenda. I’ll tell y’all plain: anyone who thinks for a minute Mitt Romney has any kind of support within the Republican Party is deluding themselves. And Romney is a vile, whiny numb-nutted elitist who, to this very day, I can’t believe I pulled a lever for. I should have voted for Barack Obama – at least with him I knew what I was getting! These so-called “political pundits” are beyond clueless.

This movie sounds positively fascinating. Can’t wait to see it.

Nope, not only have I not even thought of picking my golf clubs up again, I haven’t watched a minute of PGA TOUR golf yet this year.

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