September 26, 2019

Some thoughts and items after a night of thunderstorms rolling through to the tune of another 1/2″ of rain on top of the 2″ we got just the other day. Thank you (former) Hurricane Lorena!

I love this man. Truer words were never spoken.

..and this is especially true watching that teenaged Swedish twit lecturing the United Nations for “stealing her dreams and her childhood” because of climate change. Unadulterated bullshit from a bullshit artist. Look, it makes me uneasy to be calling a teenager an idiot, but she’s the one who has inserted herself as the vocal proponent of the “green movement”, and therefore she’s fair game. Being dumb, stupid and a tool for others is no way to go through life.

It’s stuff like this that makes me so despise the mainstream media these days. They’re so dishonest in their blind hatred of Trump they seek to take everything at face value instead of recognizing that he’s speaking figuratively. Of course they know that, they’re just being assholes.

I guess Seminary is not what I remember it being. It’s no wonder the Protestant faith in the US is disappearing before our very eyes. And I guarantee the faculty is primary liberal and feminist. Call me what you want, but by and large it’s the gays and the feminists are totally responsible for destroying Protestantism in the West. And it has all been deliberate and Satanic in nature.

Of course it’s still waaaaay to early in the 2020 presidential election cycle, but this article pretty much sums up my thinking assuming all things stay status quo (which they won’t):

In the end, Trump is the guy the Democratic presidential nominee must face once the primary season is over. Trump and the GOP will probably raise about $2 billion during the 2020 cycle, the largest campaign war chest in the history of American politics. Nor will Trump be hesitant to carpet-bomb his opponent when the time comes. Indeed, his campaign has already started dropping its payload on Biden with this video. If Warren overtakes Biden, she will be the next target. Neither Biden nor Warren is ready for a fight with Trump. The former doesn’t have the stamina, the latter’s support isn’t deep enough, and both are out of touch with the voters.

Recalling this post I’m more convinced than ever that Hillary Clinton is once again going to be the Democratic nominee and she’ll get trounced even worse than she did in 2016. By playing the role of Democratic sacrificial lamb she’ll give the Party a chance to reevaluate what they want to be come 2024.

This is priceless. The funny thing is that I could see my mom and dad as that elderly couple, just doing their thing and not even noticing what’s going on around them.

Want another reason why The Beach Boys were unparalleled in their ability to harmonize in incredible funky ways? Here’s the intro number to 1970’s Sunflower album, “Slip On Through” with a fine Dennis Wilson lead. But check out just how intricate and dreamy the background vocals are behind Dennis’ lead. I’m guessing that Brian Wilson’s then-wife Marilyn and her sister Diane are part of the vocal mix because it’s just so unusual and sensual.

Fifty years on this is such a friggin’ great song. And to think it’s nothing but bass, piano, guitar and drums, nothing fancy. Just the best rock band God ever created doing its thing. (BTW, lots of people just assume it’s Paul banging away on the piano, but believe it or not it’s John.)

..speaking more of The Beatles, this is a fascinating analysis of George Harrison’s guitar solos on “Let It Be”. The single version (produced by George Martin) features George’s Fender run through a Leslie speaker and is somewhat more restrained than the one he would create for the Phil Spector-produced version on the Let It Be album. Personally, I found Harrison’s solo on the album version positively riveting – it just leaps out of the speakers and is one of the finest guitar solos you’ll ever hear on any song, anywhere.

…so this past Goodboys weekend I had to suffer through a Goodboys dickhead (and you Goodboys know who I’m talking about) bullshitting me that The Beatles were a pop band, not a rock band. Oh yeah? Listen to this, this, and this, dickhead. Anyone who knows anything about music can tell you that The Beatles (at least in terms of rock music) were their own music genre. You can’t them peg them as anything but the greatest band of all time whose volume of work will never be equaled in any terms. But ignorance is bliss.

Continuing on my Bee Gees kick, two drop-dead gorgeous ballads, “My World” and “Run To Me”. I just love the Brother’s Gibbs’ harmonies – unlike The Beach Boys’, they’re actually very simple and sing-able. In a very short while, Robin Gibb has become one of my all-time favorite vocalists. And Maurice’s near-impossible, stratospherically-high falsetto is just fun to try and replicate as you sing along.

…if you don’t doubt me, just listen to Maurice’s harmony on the wordless “la la la” section of this song (it’s after the second verse). Can you hear it? Can you sing it? It’s at the very top of my range, I can tell you that!

Best recession ever. I can tell you that we just finished a refi on our house to grab some equity as a result of the steady increase of our home value, at a rate even less than we did four years ago. That’s real, not some bullshit narrative being pushed out by the Democrats and their political operatives in the media. And I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

…the Democrats not only are playing a losing hand with impeachment and Trump hatred, but they’re continuing to throw money into the pot foolishly. Take the liberals, Democrats, and progressives together – if your hatred for Trump is the best you’ve got, don’t blame me if you get slaughtered in 2020. To be truthfully honest, I’m surprised Nancy Pelosi is allowing this to happen. I thought she was better and a more disciplined politician than that.

Trump’s no dummy, of course. While the Democrats are flailing around on impeachment – something that will last at best a year – Trump is remaking the nation’s judiciary in a way that will last decades. So who’s the smartest person in the room again?

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