September 19, 2019

It’s mid-September and time is running out on our monsoon season which has been a total bust here in the Valley of the Sun. We’ve only two weeks left, and we’ve gotten our hopes up so many times about meaningful storms and rain only to have them dashed time and again. So excuse me if I don’t get my hopes too high for a possible major rain event come early next week. The good thing is, today looks like the last day of triple-digit highs, which would be a little bit earlier than usual!

…wish I felt like playing golf, but to be brutally honest, I think I’m gonna put my game on hold indefinitely. Right now, it’s just much work for what you get out of it, and the desire is just not there. We’ll see…

I’m eagerly waiting for‘s winter forecast to see if the early snow they’ve gotten in the Sierra Nevadas is a harbinger of things good and wet to come.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to be lectured by some smart alecky, snot-nosed teenager about climate change. What I feel bad about is not what’s happening to the planet – the planet will be just fine – is a veritable child being used as a tool by politicians and activists who care nothing about the planet; they’re just using that – and her – as an excuse to implement their goal for planet-wide socialism and massive wealth redistribution. If you don’t believe me, just check out their impeccable record of successful predictions.

Here’s another couple of damned fine Bee Gees tunes: this lovely ballad from “Main Course”, and this gorgeous up-tempo track from “One”.

Why does it always seem that Democrats’ desire for so-called “fairness” always ends up screwing the little people in the end?

No surprise that the high and mighty of Boston’s sports reporters are all over the New England Patriots for keeping Antonio Brown on the roster in the face of rape allegations. Of course, Eric Willbur has always been a self-righteous twit, but, silly, me, I always thought in this country you were innocent until proven guilty. But that’s not the way the liberal, self-righteous sports media (and Boston’s are amongst the worst) look at things.

…of course, the same holds true for the non-sports media. That whole New York Times hit piece on Brett Kavanuagh was just a disgrace. If I’m Kavanaugh I’m gonna try and bleed them dry with a defamation lawsuit that would make their heads spin. Doubt he would win, but I guarantee it would take a little starch out of the wallets of these elitist bastards who think the rights of a free press gives them the right to assassinate the character of people they disagree with politically.

You know why I think they’re coming after Kavanaugh like this? At this point in time? Because they know Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg isn’t going to be around much longer and they’re steeling their forces for the mother of all Supreme Court confirmation hearings. They know whomever Trump nominates is going to be confirmed (after all, the GOP holds the Senate, so they’re trying to intimidate Judge Kavanaugh into a more centrist point of view judicially. Make no mistake about it: these people are a bunch of vile pigs.

This is the biggest story you’ll never hear about on CNN or MSNBC. The guy is one bad dude, a LGBTQ activist/ pervert / sexual predator in whose house two black men were found dead; someone who, BTW, is a significant player in California political liberal circles, someone who is anything but a stranger to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Democrat congressmen Adam “Shifty” Schiff and Ted “Loser” Lieu.

Run, Fauxcahontus, run! Win, Fauxcahontus win! As a commenter on this tweet said, “She’s going to remind every divorced man of their ex wife”. Personally – and I’m 100 honest on this – were I a Democrat Warren would be my first choice for the Party’s nomination. Not because she’s not a fraud (she is), but her political positions espouse everything a Democrat / liberal / progressive would want to see representing their views most authentically. Think about it: “Slo’ Joe” Biden is a fool, a veritable ignoramus with a greasy, used-car salesman grin, Bernie Sanders’ is beyond fool, “Beto” O’Roarke is a clown, Kamala Harris’ candidacy is toast – the more people saw her, the more she revealed herself to be nothing more than ambitious, opportunistic bitch, and the rest of the Democratic clown-car candidates have no business being on a presidential debate podium. Worthy, perhaps, of a VP choice for the purposes of identity politics, but nothing more than that.

Hey, let’s play the “tolerance, acceptance, and diversity game”. Which supposed “outcasts” in their respective communities are going to receive the most tolerance and acceptance? Two gay dudes who are unequivocal Trump supporters, by Republicans and conservatives, or two black women unequivocal in their support for the President, by Democrats and liberals? I think you know the answer.

…and if you’re a duly-elected Democratic senator who happens to be both hot (well, at least for a U.S. Senator) and her own person, heaven help you. I’ll say it again: liberals and progressives are most angry, intolerant and nasty people that God ever put on this earth. They deserve to be crushed into itty-bitty morsels of

Just one more reason to applaud President Trump’s decision to cut ties with his National Security Advisor John Bolton. Personally, I respect the guy’s knowledge but am dismayed to see him reveal himself for such a petty turncoat. Between Bolton and Lindsey Graham, they reflect a Beltway world-view that never met it a war it didn’t like and never thought twice about spilling American blood for the purposes of their own self-interests and nation-building agendas.

Reading Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s comments after his team’s loss to the Giants, it occurs to me that most of what he’s talking about is the fact that this year’s edition of the Sox didn’t get the most of their overall talent. Earth to Cora: that’s your job, dude! My recommendation is that you spend this winter thinking long and hard about what a manager’s role is, because you’re on track to be the first one fired in 2020 if your team doesn’t break out of the gate fast.

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