August 25, 2019

This video is what the 2020 election cycle will be all about. It will be the forces of “America First” in all of its glorious colors, shapes, and sizes. The cause of individual freedom, capitalism, and national sovereignty against the combined forces of neocons who seek endless wars, the “Deep State” globalists, Antifa and the forces of progressivism, socialism and fascism and all their defenders in the mainstream media. You may not personally like The Messenger, his ego, his personal past, nor the way he is always – ALWAYS – on offense, but you cannot deny the thirst for individual freedom that resides in the heart of every human being – in America and across the globe. And that’s what 2020 is going to be all about. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

The next presidential election is going to be about big things. The Democrats and the liberal left, and their political operatives in the mainstream media can’t see this because they’re so focused on the day-to-day minutiae of Russia collusion, obstruction of justice and how Trump and his followers are racist. Mainstream America sees this and gets this. They may not wear red “Make America Great Again” hats on their heads because of the so-called “tolerance” of the progressive left, but you can be sure they wear them on their hearts.

Go ahead and believe all you want just how popular “Slo'” Joe Biden is and how unpopular Donald Trump is. Listen to what The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe writes, and what you see and hear on CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. Continue to believe all the agenda-driven push-polling telling you Trump’s numbers are in the toilet if you wish, but recall these were the very same pollsters who gave Trump zero chance to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Remember? How’d that work out for y’all?

And finally, remember that there is a lot of cold anger out there. Powerline blog’s Paul Mirengoff, writing about the recent “Fredo affair” involving CNN’s Chris Cuomo (which, I’ll admit, I haven’t been interested enough to follow since I pay little or no attention anymore to what those “fake news” clowns have to say), isn’t wrong when he asks how the left and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media could possibly think there would be no push-back from conservatives and Trump supporters after being insulted, condemned, and, yes, threatened on virtually a daily basis in the most vile and vicious terms for the past four years. Did they really think all we would do is cower in some corner like cornered rats? And that’s not Trump’s fault – the only crime we’ve committed is supporting a President who wants only the best for this country and its citizens, regardless of race, creed, or color. There is a lot of anger out and a desire for revenge out there, but our revenge is not in beating up people wearing certain kinds of hats, shutting down their social media and YouTube accounts, or not serving them in restaurants. Our revenge will come at the ballot box.

And we will, I can guarantee, continue to “sing the songs of angry men” and yes, crawl over broken glass if we have to, in order to re-elect our President in 2020. Ignore all the rallies with 10,000+ enthusiastic and passionate folks if you dare and continue to prop up those who hate this country and its President and all the good America has done and stands for in the world, but know this: the winds of history are on our side and we will man the barricades in our own ways until the job is complete on Election Night 2020.

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