August 22, 2019

Ahhh, August. Blazing hot days and very warm nights. The pool is 90 degrees although the sun angle is noticeably different from even a month ago, and shade covers the pool in the afternoons almost as much as the sun covers it in the morning. My nights are spent with my Kindle, reading John D. MacDonald novels and enjoying the occasional bubble bath. On these windless, sultry nights the back patio is just warm and stuffy instead of inviting: there has been little or no monsoon to speak of this year. Work has been a bear – long days without let-up, the pressure relentless. So Hemingway daiquiris and Pusser’s Painkillers before a glass or two of wine has helped alleviate the stress. I think my anemia has returned, but I won’t know until perhaps November with the next round of blood tests. Golf-wise, it’s the annual post-Goodboys lull, and the game is far away from my mind. The clubs lie on the garage floor, still in their travel bag that has sat there since the night I got home from Massachusetts nearly a month ago. Perhaps this weekend I’ll open the bag up and give the clubs a good cleaning in anticipation of resuming my Arizona golf life – most likely with a round at TPC Scottsdale in October sometime. We’ll see. At the present there’s just no sense of desire to even pick them up.

Reading the words I’ve typed above, yeah, I guess you can say I’m feeling a bit burned out at this time. But still the world goes round…

Kurt Schlichter is absolutely right: banging is for closers. If you can’t afford it, then don’t do it. If unfettered abortion and access to free birth control is truly what the Democrats and liberals want, why don’t their deep-pocketed elites along the East and West coasts to fund it? It’s not the federal government’s role to be in the abortion business, and defunding Planned Parenthood is a damned good start.

…geez, nice piece of land you got there, Denmark. Kinda poorly defended, isn’t? Sure would be sad to see something happen to it simply because you’re not willing the pay the vig, wouldn’t it?

A great idea. Do it and try and find a Supreme Court that would uphold it as constitutional.

I love Jack Posobiec but on Star Trek captains he’s dead wrong. I thought Star Trek:TNG rocked. Sure, it got a little loopy in its last couple of years with Worf’s dopey, whiny son Alexander and Dr. Crusher’s son Wesley breaking every friggin’ Federation rule there was week in, week out without little more than a shrug of the shoulders from Captain Picard (who I always thought was Wesley’s real father), but hey, all series do. I’m still pissed that Riker didn’t marry Counselor Troi and have that beautiful cleavage all to himself for the rest of his life and force Picard to become admiral so he could have the Enterprise all to himself.

See, this is exactly the reason why the mainstream media deserves all the “fake news” accusations that come it’s way. Anyone who watched Trump’s press gaggle with the media knows damned well he was using self-deprecating humor while making the point that he was the one left to confront China economically because no other President in the past 40 years had the testicular fortitude to do so. These people truly do suck and are as disingenuous as it gets.

Don’t underestimate Elizabeth Warren in a general election against Donald Trump? Such drivel could only be written by someone whose resume includes being “an adviser to Gov. Mitt Romney with a focus on grassroots coalitions and conservative outreach”. Say, how’d that 2012 election work out for ya? Don’t even get me started on Mittens Romney: once a loser, always a loser.

Wonder why President Obama never came up with an idea like this? Because to him, America’s finest were just pawns to be moved around on a chess table to support his socialist, globalist views. Obama never gave a shit about the military; Trump does. And if we’re going to spend money that doesn’t exist like it’s going out of style, might as well put it to a good cause.

Is there a doctor in the house? Someone help “Slo’ Joe” Biden’s brain, it’s leaking, and badly.Honest to God, this is the guy Democrats want to have run against President Trump?

It’s sad to watch the Red Sox play the kind of listless, sloppy brand of baseball they showed while being swept by the Phillies, but like I said, I’m willing to give them a mulligan on 2019 after their fantastic 2018 year. But I will tell you this: they better come out blazing in 2020 or manager Alex Cora is going to find himself on the hot seat pretty quickly. While it’s true GM Dave Dombrowski didn’t exactly give Cora a whole lot to work with this year (most especially with the bullpen) but there’s really no excuse for the sloppy base-running and listless play that has hallmarked the team virtually from Opening Day. And that, my friends, is the manager’s fault.

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