August 15, 2019

Tough to blog when you’re back to working 12-hour days (including weekends) when your software company has a difficult time delivering software that works and your team has to come to rescue time and time and time again. Better that, I guess, than the unemployment line.

Why am I blogging at such an odd hour of the day, you might ask? Two words: 6:30 check-in for my endoscopy and colonoscopy. Oh wait, that’s six words. But does “6:30 AM” count as one or two words? Or no words at all?

Analysis: TRUE: America is a divided country in part because half of Americans live in a fantasy land, predicated on fear and gossip, and entirely unrelated to reality. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

The mainstream media deserves as much blame for this as the Democrats do. If one needed any reminder of that just one look at all the hype yesterday about the danger of the U.S. going into a recession. Why, one would almost think the usual suspects are actually hoping for a recession – anything to harm Donald Trump’s chances at re-election. And don’t get me started about so-called “economic experts” – these are the same dolts who predicted a stock market crash with Donald Trump’s election (how’s that working out for you, libs?) and that Steel and Aluminum tariffs meant massive price increases.

…tell me one thing the so-called “experts” – be they economic, political, legal, etc. have gotten right since the 2016 campaign. The answer is zero: these are all self-appointed hacks who blather on thinking that what they say is important and meaningful.

…Me? I think the economists – like the media itself – really can’t get its arms around what President Trump is trying to do here. We are, for all intents and purposes, in uncharted territory with the globalists (who for too long have allowed China and other companies to rip us off in bad trade deals and supported policies that supported importing large numbers of low-wage, unskilled labor) vs. a Trump administration which is saying enough is enough. I think Sundance at The Last Refuge in this Twitter post and this blog post has it exactly right. And if he can’t see it, why can’t others? Because the evil orange man and his racist and xenophobic followers.

Analysis: TRUE – Note to 2020 Dems: It’s Not Racist to Ask Immigrants to be Self-Sufficient. And don’t give me that bullshit about the immigrants who came through Ellis Island back in the late 19th and early 20th century: when these folks came over there wasn’t any “dole” or welfare as we know it. These were people who already had communities (I mean the people kind, not towns and cities) in one form or another waiting for them and willing to help them out as best they could. This has nothing to do with compassion. The very idea of coming into this country – illegally or legally – and immediately become wards of the state is insane. But that’s what you’re typical Democratic candidate is these days.

Once a dick-head, always a dick-head.

Not sure why this song came into my head the other day, but I remember buying the 45 RPM when it came out. It’s very cool. And to think, this band actually morphed into 10cc

I’ve been predicting all along that the knives would be coming out for Slo’ Joe Biden. Were I a progressive or even a liberal I would have a hard time believing this is the guy who’s supposed to have the best chance at beating Trump? Is this the best the so-called “Resistance” has to offer? A lifetime political hack with zero record on anything substantive, whose ability to articulate thoughts boils down to stupid statements, gaffes, completely made-up fiction, and the ultra-hip “C’mon, man”? Sure, you’ll get the usual Trump-haters to come out for Joe – heck, they’d vote for Hitler if it meant defeating Trump – but I can’t see too many millennials and progressive activists willing to crawl over broken glass to vote for a doddering old fool. No wonder some folks are worried.

Me? I knew Jeffrey Epstein was a dead man long before he “committed suicide” on Saturday. Funny how many folks with association with Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to find ways of departing this mortal coil rather abruptly.

Analysis: TRUE: Meanwhile, This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing to Society.

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