August 8, 2019

…part of what pisses me off most about this past Goodboys weekend and the total dick-head who called one of his fellow Goodboys a racist simply because he happened to support President Trump (as do I, enthusiastically) is the inane ignorance by which he, and those who think like him, parrot the bleating of rags like The New York Times, the Washington Post and Boston Globe, and Democratic Party mouthpieces like CNN, MSNBC, and NPR who never fail to bash President Trump and those who support him on a daily basis.

This, of course, didn’t start out of the blue, because when Donald Trump (largely because of Hillary’s Clinton’s inherent unlikability and the harpy, bitchy and altogether inept campaign she ran) was elected President, Barack Obama and Clinton had already planted more than a few seeds denigrating Republicans and conservatives simply because they just happened to disagree with their views of what America should look like. After all, it was President Obama who encouraged his followers to confront Republicans directly, saying things like “you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”, and, at Thanksgiving dinner to not be afraid to get in the faces of their family members to push his Obamacare plan. And I can’t think of any Republican presidential candidate who referred to Trump supporters as “deplorables”. I can’t think of too many Republicans who, like Maxine Waters, encouraged her followers to get in the faces of presidential administration officials, or any Republicans who, like Joaquin Castro, would doxx the personal information of those who donated to Democratic candidates, or a Republican or conservative restauranteur who would chase folks like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Ted Cruz out of their establishments simply because they have a different political view than they do.

So much for Democrats being the party of compassion. As I’ve said many times before, if there’s one group of people who are less compassionate and more vicious and mean, living out their sad, tawdry lives, its Democrat and liberal activists.

Personally, I could give a rat’s a$$ what these people do. If you want to act like a$$holes and live your lives in abject misery simply because your lousy candidate couldn’t figure out a way to beat the likes of Donald Trump – Donald Trump!! – why should that be the reason to call his followers a bunch of racists?

You see, last I checked:
* It’s not racist to want the borders of your country to be established and protected.
* It’s not racist to want a unimpeded flow of low-skilled and undocumented folks flooding the work force, taking valuable blue-collar jobs away from American citizens – most especially, though not exclusively, African-Americans and Hispanics.
* It’s not racist to demand that those who seek to enter this country do so by following our already-existing immigration laws.

If someone truly believes that that’s racist, you’re just an ignorant dick-head and not even worthy of a genuine, honest, and respectful exchange of ideas. You may disagree with those positions from your own political lens, but that doesn’t make those who hold those positions racist. I happen to call it “American”.

If someone thinks that makes me a racist, then all I can say is keep listening to the bullshit and fake news you get every day from those Democratic Party media operatives working in tandem with the liberal left for the so-called “Resistance”. All you are is part of the mob who only sees those who disagree with them as racist, sexist, xenophobic degenerates who aren’t nearly as decent, good, intelligent, and as open-minded as you all proclaim to be.

From my vantage point, these folks are nothing but a bunch of elitist, hateful, and ignorant loons who aren’t capable of an original thought in their heads. They can’t rationally, seriously, and honestly engage the political opposition in an honest exchange of ideas because their brain has been filled with the mush of fake news. They haven’t the intelligence to engage in a rational discussion about free markets, freedom, the Bill of Rights (take a good look at Articles 1, 2, and 9), and a President who truly believes in putting his country and its people FIRST. It’s much easier, after all, to mark those whom they disagree with tags you’re too stupid and ignorant to understand what they truly mean. Much easier as well to focus on nonsensical crap like Russia collusion. Question: how’d that work out for you? And when that didn’t work out, it became “obstruction of justice”. When that failed, all you clowns have left is to play the race card. Something that the Democratic Party and liberal left has always done best and as a last resort when they’ve got nothing else.

Truth is, these people are afraid to state what they’re really for, because anyone outside of liberal loon conclaves like Massachusetts, California, San Francisco, Portland, and places like them would look at you like you’ve got five heads if you actually had the guts to state honestly and plainly what you truly believe in. Medicare of all? Slavery reparations? The “Green New Deal”? Free education? Student loan forgiveness? Open borders and unfettered illegal immigration? Abortion without restrictions? Tax increases for everyone (after all, who’s gonna pay for all these giveaways?). No wonder if you ask any Democratic candidate a yes or no question about any of these issues all you’ll get a whole lot of hemming and hawing without any kind of answer. Why? Because they’d be laughed off the stage and run out of your average blue-collar town on the rails.

So excuse me, fellow Goodboys, for drawing a line in the sand when one ignorant dick-head and so-called “Goodboy” accuses another of being a racist simply because he happens to support the political agenda of Donald Trump. You see, I too enthusiastically (have I mentioned that already) support the President’s agenda. So I guess that means I would have been called a racist too had I been around for such a lovely and high-brow conversation. I’m sorry some don’t like his tweets or think he is being presidential in doing so, but suck it up, buttercups – at least he’s: 1) following through on what he promised to do during the 2016 campaign, and 2) putting the lives and future of (gasp!) AMERICAN CITIZENS first instead of the neocon / globalists who have occupied the White House for the past half-century (that’s 50 years for those of you who get all your news from CNN, MSNBC and NPR). You think he’s a racist? You think I’m a racist? Then give me friggin’ SPECIFICS – not leftist talking points. And just a hint: I don’t want to hear one friggin’ word about Charlottesville – it’s just one in a series of fake news lies designed to paint the President as something he is not.

Here’s my bottom line on all this – to tie these two posts together – just because I have to listen and read all the crap about my President and those who support him shoveled out there on a daily basis (after all, unlike those on the left, I’m not afraid to read to read the opinions of those whom I happen to disagree with – actually, it’s kind of hard in this day and age not to), that doesn’t mean I have to hear about this tripe on a weekend supposed to be enjoyed by “friends”. I thought we were all better than that, but apparently we are not (at least anymore). So the idea of having to waste my time avoiding dick-heads like that over an entire weekend is a waste of my precious time and hard-earned money. So unless said dick-head is man enough to admit that he was wrong and deeply regrets accusing a fellow Goodboy of something as serious as being a racist simply because he holds a different political view, I don’t want to be associated with him in any way, manner, shape, or form. A true Goodboy would never say such a thing, and any bunch of guys that would allow this kind of thing to go unresolved is not the same kind of guys that began this tradition 29 years ago. Either the dick-head apologizes or goes, or I go. Period.

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