July 30, 2019

OK, so I’m back from Goodboys weekend. As usual, lots of laughs, a few dealings with dick-heads that I’d rather not (there are enough of those at work, thank you), but over and all it was OK – better than the last couple of years, for sure. Nothing’s changed my mind that next year will be my last as a Goodboy, but we’ll see. I plan a separate post on The Great White Shank’s golf performance, but bottom line is I think I could have played better. On the other hand, had I, I might have (with partner “Cubby” Myerow) ended up as Exec-Comm, and who the hell wants that??

Congratulations goes out to “The Funny Guy” Andrusaitis and “Skipper” Bornemann for their win at Goodboys 29. Wait till you see the pic I upload to commemorate their victory!

After Goodboys I spent two nights down in Newport, Rhode Island and experienced the same line of severe storms that turned into tornadoes on Cape Cod. On Monday I drove to beautiful Mystic, Connecticut, and after a slice of seriously overrated pepperoni pizza at Mystic Pizza (yes, that Mystic Pizza), enjoyed a lovely day on the waterfront before heading to the Margaritas restaurant there for, well, margaritas. I’ll always remember that afternoon, sitting at the bar, one TV tuned to New England Cable Network watching that ominous line of weather heading towards us, the other tuned to Weather Channel monitoring development of a tropical storm over the Bahamas. It was an exhilarating experience, feeling so far away from every kind of home I knew. I’ve never felt so much like I was on vacation.

…two hours later, at a bar in Newport, I watched the same front move ever closer to us from the west over Newport harbor. The lightning was gorgeous, lighting up the sky and the harbor with one strike after another. And when it hit, boy, did it ever! The hardest rain I think I’ve ever seen fall – they said 2 1/2 inches in 45 minutes. Under my barstool was eight inches of water, and I had a brief sense of what it must have been like on the Titanic (sans Celine Dion’s singing, thank goodness!). But it was a truly memorable and enjoyable day. It certainly made Goodboys weekend seem very far away, which is exactly what I needed at that time.

But enough about that.

A must-see video about the issue of homelessness. I’ve posted on this complex issue before, and, like Dr. Drew, the only way we’re gonna get out of this mess is strict enforcement of existing laws and tough love.

That’s not The Beach Boys on background (nor, for that matter, is it Duane Eddy twangin’ away on the guitar), but B.J. Thomas’ “Rock And Roll Lullaby” remains an emotional experience to listen to. How they got Mike Love and Brian Wilson sound-alikes is beyond me, but I can still remember a Sunday night way, waaaaay back in 1972 when the DJ told me it was The Beach Boys and I sure believed him. To this day, the beauty of the harmonies will bring tears to my eyes.

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