July 6, 2019

On this Fourth of July weekend, there remain some truths that are self-evident, like…

Anyone under the mistaken preconception that Joe Biden isn’t a moron needs only to look at this video. And folks, I’m not making this up. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but I’m guessing he knows who actually was President when the stock market crashed back in 1929, and knows damned well that television hadn’t even been invented yet. The fact that Biden is allowed to make statements like this so earnestly, and is then unchallenged by the media on it, shows either their complicity as Democratic operatives masquerading as journalists, or – just as likely – they’re just as stupidly and pathetically ignorant as he is.

…and get ready for more of this as we all get older, I’m afraid, because these are the kinds of folks running your public schools.

No, we didn’t feel the latest California earthquake, although there are news reports some folks here in the Valley saw their swimming pool waters suddenly start swashing around. California earthquakes make me think of that Warren Zevon song with it’s great line:

And if California falls into the ocean like the mystics and statistics say it will
I believe this hotel will be standing until I pay my bill.

They just don’t write lyrics like that anymore.

Speaking of music, and it being Fourth of July weekend, this somber, poignant Beach Boys tune lamenting the strife of the Vietnam War-era was in my mind as I watched all the vicious comments by Democrats and those on the liberal left towards President Trump’s “Salute to America” celebrating both our country and those who serve to protect our freedoms:

Born of the age
Flagged hopes
Censored rage
The black clad box
Bombs bursting in air
Bleed white red and blue
Cried dawn’s early light
For the hope

Oh where has it gone
Brothers sisters stand firmly and try
Reaching the spacious skies
Fourth of July

Lie by the sword
Black times
False reward
The greetings of doom
So proudly they hail
Lost fortune of free
The stripes and bright stars
Promise lost

Oh where has it gone
Brothers sisters stand firmly and try
Reaching the spacious skies
Fourth of July

Brothers sisters stand firmly and try
Reaching the spacious skies
Fourth of July

One would think we could have one day where everyone could just relax and agree that, while certainly not perfect, there’s no other place on this planet like the USA and the freedoms we both hold and cherish. Heck, you’d think even Democrats would agree and celebrate the fact that it’s those very freedoms and the promise of opportunity arising from those freedoms that is attracting so many of their oh-so-precious illegals trying to come here. But their – and the media’s – irrational, visceral hatred of Trump and this country burns so brightly they can’t even see just how out of touch they are with so many folks who happen to think this country is not just special but worth preserving.

After all, where else on earth could an ignorant moron like Colin Kaepernick succeed to a level where he could force a major footwear manufacturer to dump their Betsy Ross flag-themed sneakers?

But you gotta remember, you’re talking about a political party and a mainstream media that just had their worst week in 47 years. That’s an awful long time, but think about it: not only do they have a world-class moronic goofball at the top of the polls, this is what the Democratic agenda for 2020 looks like:

— Open borders and unrestricted illegal immigration
— Unrestricted abortion return to busing
— Tax hikes to roll back President Trump’s tax cuts
— Massive redistribution of wealth to combat climate change
— Medicare for All / Obamacare / Single-payor healthcare (including all illegal immigrants)
— Unfettered LGBTQ etc. etc. etc. activism

Is there anything out there who thinks this is a winning strategy against a Trump presidency and his booming economy?

Look, I know nearby Tempe is a college town with ASU and all that, but this kind of thing is outrageous and the shop owner and his/her employees need to find a new line of employment.

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