June 21, 2019

Three items today that shows that the general public’s tolerance for the kind of social engineering going on is reaching critical mass, to the point where they are starting to push back.

1. Good to hear that states are finally starting to crack down on people and their “emotional support animals”. We’re not talking about blind folks (wait, can I even use that term anymore? Or is it now “sight challenged”?) and seeing-eye dogs. We’re talking about morons having exotic creatures and trying to bring them onto planes and restaurants and other public places for “emotional support”. I call them morons, but they’re really losers who can’t – or refuse – human companionship because of their so-called emotional vulnerability. Bullshit. Perhaps its because of their reliance on animals to give them a sense of self-worth that they’re so incapable of human relations. So they garf onto to animals to the extent they can’t go anywhere without them and the hell with the concerns of others. The fact is, these people are sick and don’t need emotional support animals, they need psychological help. Hopefully, the movement to reign these clowns in keeps growing.

2. Transgenders and women’s sports. I’m glad these Connecticut women athletes are filing suit, but it’s a damned shame it has had to come to that. I’m going to try and use common sense here – something that isn’t very common nowadays. And, typically, liberal activism lies at the core of what is beyond madness. Folks aren’t going to like what I’m about to say, but I don’t care. Transgenders don’t belong in women’s sports – period. It has nothing to do with fairness, it has everything to do with what you were born with.

Taking the broader view first, I’m sick to death of all the mainstream media articles celebrating transgender “rights”. In my view, the whole issue of transgenderism is nothing more than social and sexual deviancy pushed by those who deep down hate themselves for what they are and are therefore looking for some way of society accepting what and who they are. I don’t buy the issue as physical – you are either born with male or female sex organs. And if you’re a male who longs to be a female (or vice versa), well, I’m sorry, but life doesn’t always work out the way everyone wants. It’s not an issue of gender – it’s a psychological issue that requires psychological help. And these transgender activists (who, by the way, are the least tolerant of individuals alive) want to shove their sexual and social identities down the throats of everyone else. They push their sick, deviant lifestyles on others and expect everyone to kowtow to their demands or they’ll file lawsuits to get what they insist is theirs.

This is nowhere more apparent than the push for transgendered males to participate in female sports. It’s pathetic, and its patently unfair to the “real” women who work hard to succeed in their various forms of competition. Genetics and human nature don’t lie – you can take all the friggin’ drugs you want, and have yourself mutilated to the point where you can (supposedly) “feel good” about yourself, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re what you were born as. You want to change that? Then in my opinion you’re a freak. Harsh words? You bet. But frankly, I’m tired of the mainstream media condemning religion (most especially Christianity) and our Judeo-Christian traditions, and celebrating social and sexual deviancy as if freedom of expression trumps all. And where are the so-called “feminists” in this ongoing travesty? Feminism used to stand for women being treated equally and celebrated for their exploits. And now you have these freaks coming in and competing on an unfair playing field against women who, through no fault of their own, have to deal with this kind of bullshit.

Fortunately, I think people are starting to push back. The courts shouldn’t have to get involved with this. The solution is simple: whatever you were born with is what you are. If you want to go dickering around with what God created, that’s your choice, but don’t try to force your own freak show on the women’s athletics stage.

3. The issue of homelessness – especially as it applies to what is happening in places like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – is finally starting to percolate into the public domain after it being shoved under the covers for so long. And why is that? Because people are increasingly sick and tired of their cities and neighborhoods being taken over by panhandlers and homeless camps and all the negative issues that go along with that – most especially public health and crime. I do believe that most people have long since tired of the influx of these people into their communities but have heretofore been afraid of being tarred with the labels of intolerance and heartlessness. But the problem is growing, and in places like the above, the issue of public health has forced the issue into the daylight, and it’s going to need to be confronted with a combination of the rule of law, compassion, and ingenuity.

As a nation, the whole issue of mental health is one no one seems to want to take on. People think about “insane asylums” and the whole thing gets stigmatized. We don’t have nearly enough professionals trained in the care of the mentally ill, and there aren’t nearly enough places for housing the mentally ill where folks can be trained. In my view – and call me callous if you’d like – what I would like to see are laws first and foremost enforced. If folks don’t want to go to shelters, you jail them in places specifically designed or set aside for their care. If people can no longer take care of themselves or are willing to take care of themselves you designate them wards of the state and you find places to permanently house them.

Oh sure, the next question I’ll hear is, “where do we get the money?” I’ll tell you where: you can take all the money and resources that states are having to spend for housing and care of illegal aliens and dedicate it to our own citizens, first and foremost. The issue is not compassion – how’s that working out for you, California? The issue is putting our own people first before we even start thinking about those from other countries. Frankly, I don’t care about what happens to those who set foot in this country knowing they are committing an illegal act. If they’re not true candidates for political asylum you turn them back and send them back to their own countries. Why are we wasting our precious resources – in every sense of the word – on people who are here illegally when our own fellow citizens can’t or won’t be taken care of in a humane way? I’m not saying the issue isn’t complicated or easy to solve, but I’ll be damned as an American citizen to see my tax dollars go to folks who aren’t even American citizens instead of our own fellow countrymen.

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