June 20, 2019

As hard to believe as it seems, the predicted high temperatures for this coming weekend in the Valley of the Sun are supposed to only be in the very high ’90s – almost unheard of! The daily highs should be running in the mid-100s and we should have at least seen more than just a two-day stretch in the 107-108 range. But hey, I’ll take it – so much so that I’m going to play a round of golf this weekend and not be concerned the least at a tee time just shy of 10 AM. I guarantee that’s nothing anyone would want to try were the temperatures running near or at the norm.

In the meantime, some thoughts for this Thursday:

Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t get more radical, there they are, having hearing on slavery reparations in the House. I mean, are you kidding me? Do they really think this is some kind of a winning strategy for 2020. I’ll tell you this: it’s pretty darned obvious that the most radical wing of the Democrats have control over the current and future direction of the Party. I’m hardly one to refuse to offer the Dems more rope if they truly want to hang themselves, but what they are doing is stupid politically – there’s no other way to put it.

…speaking of stupid, “Slow Joe” Biden is doing nothing to dismiss the idea that he’s old, out of touch, and way in over his head. You read the stories of comments he’s made recently both here and here (Talking up his cozy relationship with segregationist senators? Really, Joe?) and you wonder just how long he’s going to last. The only chance Biden had was to use his “centrist” positions to unite voting blocs traditionally Democrat (i.e., white middle-class and suburban swing staters) with the more radical wing of the Party who just wants someone who will defeat Trump. But he’s already turned his back on positions associated with the former, and looks and acts too old, gaffe-prone, and feeble to attract the latter.

…what is abundantly clear is that “Slow Joe” is actually not very bright, is a COG (creepy old geezer) around women, and he sounds stupidly dated with his “C’mon, man” kind of hip schtick. I don’t see how he can be fast on his feet and look and act anything but an old, worn-out tired Washington swamp rat sharing a stage with his fellow Democratic challengers. Had he run against the Clintons in 2016 he not only would have beaten Hillary, but Donald Trump as well, I’m certain. Now? He’s nothing but a joke whose time is now past:

Democrat voters are fickle, folks. In every cycle, the party’s leaders always try to push a favorite candidate, and that favored candidate is usually rejected. The lone exceptions to this dynamic in modern times have been Walter Mondale, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, all loooooooooosers. In 2016, the party’s leaders went so far as to actually rig the primaries in Clinton’s favor, and Obama and his evil minions did everything they could to rig the general election in her favor, and she still lost.

The Fainting Felon’s attempt to saddle the nation with a third Obama term was a miserable failure, and now here is Joe Biden, trying to execute the exact same failed strategy four years later. But Biden’s trying to do it before a party voter base that has been radicalized to the point of insanity, and the primary voting is going to be dominated by the most radicalized among them.

Say goodnight, Joe.

How does one know the “young rads” now own the Democratic Party? When socialist babe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares the housing of illegal aliens – something no different than what the Obama administration did, BTW, to “concentration camps” and is allowed to pretty much get away with it by her Party cohorts. Hey, AOC, one word of advice: when you’ve lost the likes of “Sleepy Chuck” Todd, it might be time to examine your own level of ignorance when it comes to history and just shut the hell up if you don’t know any better. She’s really become an embarrassment to all but the most young and radical of the Party, but not even “San Fran Nan” Pelosi is dumb enough to tell her to shut up. After all, Pelosi knows that, as Bob Dylan once sang, you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

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