June 13, 2019

Random thoughts from here and there, hither and yon…

To bad for the Boston Bruins, losing Game 7 against the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup finals. I haven’t watched a Bruins game — for decades, I could probably, if you forced me, to name two Bruins (Brad Marchand and Tuukka Rask, right?) but it still would have been cool to have the Sox, Patriots, and Bruins all holding championship titles at the same time.

…the good thing is, at least now I won’t have to listen to and read countless stories in the Boston media about whether the Bruins should or should not go to the White House and read about all the spoiled SJWs saying they’re not going to visit because Trump is a, whatever. The fact that so many members of the Red Sox refused to go remains a disgrace. Just like with Barack Hussein Obama – who I hardly respected – you honor the office, not the person who occupies it. Had the Red Sox gone as a team it would have in turn honored the Boston fans to see their team celebrating their achievement in the Rose Garden.

For a group of people who demand tolerance for their chosen sexual and social identities and lifestyle choices, I can’t think of any group less tolerant than the LGBTQ etc. etc. etc. activist community.

Today begins, of course, the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. And while I hate to have to pick him to win (GOLF Channel would be virtually unwatchable) I gotta go with Tiger Woods to win. With the exception of Phil Mickelson, there’s no one who knows his way around that track better than Tiger, and the shorter distances and small poana grass greens ought to work in his favor.

Anyone who actually pays attention to any political polling this far out of the 2020 elections needs to get a life. And that applies especially to anyone who takes any poll by Quinnipiac University seriously. I’m not sure they’ve ever gotten any poll right, like, ever. And yet the bozos in the mainstream media trumpet every QU poll that comes out. They only do it, of course, because Quinnipiac is so left-leaning, but you’d think those folks would have some sense of shame after a while. Of course, they publish the polls solely to get headlines, and the mainstream media lapdogs are more than happy to oblige.

I’m sorry, but there ought to be no joy – and certainly no celebrating – in beating a soccer opponent 13-0 like the U.S. Women’s team did against Thailand the other day. Believe me, I’m no snowflake when it comes to teams beating another decisively, but there ought to be a classier way of doing it than the U.S. showed. They came across as a bunch of classless bullies.

While still on sports, I told you the Minnesota Twins were going to be good this year.

…and the Red Sox are just a lifeless, boring team. I’ve heard of World Series hangovers before, but this one is particularly ugly to watch. It’s not the the 2014 team that finished in last place after winning the World Series the previous year – that was a particularly bad team. It’s just there’s little worse than boring baseball, and the Red Sox this year are B-O-R-I-N-G.

And speaking of lifeless, I knew the knives were going to come out for “Slow Joe” Biden, but even I didn’t think he’s oblige his detractors by running such a lackluster, uninspired campaign. You listen to all the gaffes and lies he drags out on the stump, and you can’t help but wonder if he really believes half the shit he’s saying. He’s going to get run into a blender come debate season.

The only reason why the Democrats are pushing the impeachment of President Trump so forcefully is because they know they’re going to need impeachment to offset the incredible embarrassment that’s hurtling towards them as a result of Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham‘s investigations. It’s increasingly obvious the Democrats were up to their necks in unethical and illegal activities involving spying and dirty tricks that it’s going to make what the Nixon White House did pale in comparison. The drip, drip, drip is just starting, and its going to get much, much worse – not just for Democrats but for the so-called “legacy” of the Obama administration. And for Democrats there will be nowhere to hide.

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