June 7, 2019

Now that Attorney General Bill Bar is, as to be hoped, on the case as far as the origins of the “Russia collusion” hoax are concerned, here’s hoping that he’s not weak in the knees enough to not just settle on the fact that the likes of Jim Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a bunch of rogue FBI top-levels played fast and loose with the law and tried to torpedo Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and cripple his presidency.

And the same holds true for those involved in using the foreign intelligence operatives in trying to entrap those associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign over that silly and phony “dossier” that was used as bait for obtaining FISA warrants against Trump associates. It was all total bullshit, of course, and the clowns listed above knew damned well it was bullshit. This also needs to be looked at, fer shure.

But personally, what I’m hoping for is that AG Barr not just stop there and extend his investigation to determining where the actual dossier originated from. Someone wrote it, and someone put it together – it wasn’t just created out of thin air. Because I’m guessing that what those mentioned above know full well but are unwilling to talk about (at least not publicly or on the record) is that it was the Clinton campaign that started the ball rolling. And the question then becomes (to borrow a famous Watergate era phrase), what did Hillary know, and when did she know about it? Red State’s Elizabeth Vaughn lays out the evidence as to the dossier’s origin, and it’s classic Clinton politics, rotten to the core:

It’s become crystal clear how it all originated. The Russian collusion conspiracy began the day the Clinton campaign and the DNC made the decision to hire a former British spy to produce and then propagate a dirty dossier among the powerful and the influential in Washington. While the Clinton machine managed to add several degrees of separation between themselves and the dossier, there’s no denying that it all started with the fictitious, salacious and unverifiable document which they had commissioned in the spring of 2016. It is therefore inconceivable that Hillary Clinton has, so far, managed to escape scrutiny.

Hillary and the DNC, which she essentially controlled, tried to hide their culpability by using the law firm of Perkins, Coie as an intermediary. The lawyer who represented both the DNC and the campaign was a partner at Perkins Coie. He arranged for his firm to hire Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm owned by Glenn Simpson, which then hired Christopher Steele to produce the dossier. In this way, they were able to “disguise the operation from Congress and the public, and in its Federal Election Commission (FEC) spending reports.”

Once the dossier was created, Simpson and Steele began disseminating it throughout the political community. In September, Steele shared the story with several journalists, one of whom was Yahoo! News’ Michael Isikoff, who broke the story at the end of the month.

There’s no way this kind of thing could have gotten produced and distributed without at least a nod from Madame Hillary – in the history of American politics there are few who are as immoral and ruthless as Hillary Clinton. She may have made for a rotten candidate as far as presidential politics goes, but there’s no denying her inherent quality of seeing herself as above the law and able to act without scrutiny – hell, she’d been doing it since she first arrived in Washington riding on husband Bills coattails more than a quarter century ago. One look at the way the criminal enterprise known as “The Clinton Foundation” operated, where Hillary served as head shakedown artist as Secretary of State, will tell you that. The whole purpose of the private e-mail system was to cover up “pay for play” access, and everything went – even if it involved classified information.

Hillary Clinton knew she could operate with virtual impunity because of the extensive network of Clinton enthusiasts, suck-ups, and political operatives who served within the framework of the entire federal government apparatus. As The Federalist’s H.A. Goodman writes:

At a certain point, it can’t be mere coincidence that every major figure involved in probing Trump’s campaign is linked to Hillary Clinton in some manner. Christopher Steele was “desperate” to prevent Trump from becoming president and was paid $160,000 by Democrats before he compiled his infamous dossier.

DNC lawyers met with FBI officials before a surveillance warrant was granted, raising questions as to why the FBI would meet with a political party’s counsel, yet not inform Trump his campaign was under investigation. Fusion GPS, the firm that hired Steele, was paid by money from Hillary Clinton and the DNC, funneled through a law firm, to compile the Steele dossier.

Clinton allies gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the political campaign of Andrew McCabe’s wife, yet the former FBI deputy director only recused himself from Clinton’s email probe one week before the election. Even before the FBI obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page, Bruce Ohr of the DOJ informed FBI officials that the Steele dossier was connected to Hillary Clinton and filled with political bias. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for Fusion GPS and now her emails are linked to controversy.

Crowdstrike, the only entity to analyze the claimed DNC email hack, was outsourced and paid by the Democratic National Committee. Australian diplomat Downer informed the FBI of a conversation with George Papadopoulos, where Downer stated the Trump campaign official was given information by a Russian operative about the DNC emails. Downer isn’t mentioned in the Mueller report, was never interviewed during the Mueller probe, and is linked to the Clinton Foundation.

Along with the Crowdstrike assessment that Russia hacked the DNC, the FBI used the Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to surveille Page—without informing FISA judges the dossier was linked to funding by Hillary Clinton. Then of course, former FBI agent Peter Strzok texted “we’ll stop” Trump and wrote about an “insurance policy” that he had spoken about with McCabe.

At some point, any investigation that William Barr authorizes that doesn’t seek to probe deeply to the Steele dossier’s origins won’t be worth its salt. And it is essential that those associated with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are included in that investigation. Those “in the know”, know, and it is critical that the truth comes out. I would hardly expect to see anyone named Clinton behind bars – that would be asking to much – but it’s important that the American electorate – both Republican and Democrat – see how the Clinton campaign used its political muscle to lay waste to anyone who sought to get in Madame Hillary’s way during the 2016 campaign. Because it wasn’t just Donald Trump’s campaign that was a target, it was Bernie Sanders’ as well. And identifying the source of the dossier, how it came about, and how it was used as a political weapon, will help folks understand just how far the Clinton campaign was willing to go to ensure her election.

And it still astounds that, with everything they were able to do, with virtually no opposition of any kind from a vast and supportive mainstream media, she still couldn’t get the job done. Amazing.

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