April 27, 2019

The decline and fall of the White House Correspondents Dinner. Frankly, I always thought this event (and the coverage associated with it) indicative of a much larger problem. The mainstream media and cable news networks have obviously (and increasingly) seen themselves as the elites, thinking they are the East Coast/Beltway equivalents of Hollywood celebrities and due the same level of adoration and adulation. They aren’t. While fully aware they don’t make policy, they actually feel their responsibility is not to report the news, but steer public opinion to their pet agendas and causes. That’s the fundamental problem with so-called journalism today. We’ve come a long way from “His Girl Friday” and “The Front Page”.

Forget about your absurd Pulitzer Prize winners when it comes to the Mueller investigation and everything involving the so-called “Deep State” and the silent coup against Donald Trump’s presidency. Sundance’s work over at The Conservative Treehouse is doing the kind of investigative work that ought to make the likes of Woodward and Bernstein drool with envy.

An absolute must-read on the Democrats’ march to socialism by Victor Davis Hanson.

There’s no other way to put it: Mitt Romney, you are a sleazy, slimy, disgusting, weasely, puss-filled piece of sh*t. I can’t believe I actually voted for you at one time. Now I understand why you picked Paul Ryan to be your running mate – both of you are swamp creatures of the highest merit. And I’ll add the late, not-so-great John McCain to that club. I can’t call you two-faced because that means you’d have a face to begin with – which you don’t, you snake. You are an absolute vile, disgraceful, small-minded, and pathetic excuse for a human being. Slimeball.

…did I get my point across?

..and his pal, former conservative fire-brand, now Trump-hater Ann Coulter is just a tired old screed. She was a Romney booster back in 2012 and only hopped on the Trump train when it benefitted her to sell more books. But I always suspected her of being a Never Trumper who would show her true colors when it became politically expedient to do so. Methinks she’s been downing a few too many chardonnays at cozy Beltway cocktail parties lately.

As I mentioned a couple of times in this space, Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue as to what’s about to hit him. He’s a swamp creature of epic proportions who has never come out with a position that wasn’t wrong, and someone who is as ethically challenged as anyone outside of the Clintons. He’s another Hillary Clinton in that he thinks his time in Washington makes him sufficiently qualified to say it’s “his time”, not realizing that the political ground has shifted under his feet significantly.

…old, haggard Joe is about to find out what happens when all the supposed hoopla doesn’t translate into anything worth seriously considering. His brand of touchy-feely (in his case literally), slap-the-back, glad-handed politics is gone, replaced by a polarized electorate that (most especially in the Democratic Party) doesn’t want to get along or compromise. The knives are already out to get him – here, here, and here are just three examples. The guy has always been a clueless mouthpiece, and he’s about to find out that this time around the joke is going to be on him.

Couldn’t have written this better myself. It’s only the most snow-flakey, Marxist ideology-brainwashed college dope who would think otherwise. The evidence is all around you if you’re just willing to open your eyes and see.

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