April 4, 2019

Now this is the proper way to do cocktails.

So it appears there’s a ghost at the Wilmington, Mass. Market Basket. Maybe they should contact The Dead Files and ask Amy and Steve to come out.

When you remember that this country’s college and university systems are run by former ’60s hippies, feminists, and radicals solely for the purpose of indoctrinating and brainwashing students into advancing their liberal/progressive agenda this kind of thing makes sense. As I’ve said numerous times before the Baby Boomer generation is worst thing that has ever been foisted upon this country in its history.

…and when you replace the words “journalist” and “contributor” when it comes to the mainstream media – most especially, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and The Washington Post and The New York Times” – with the words “Democratic Party operatives” this kind of thing makes sense as well.

Even in this day and age, with the likes of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar being the anti-Semite face of the Democratic Party, it’s hard to find a more vile, despicable, and hateful person than Linda Sarsour. But the mainstream media sure loves to give her air and face-time. Hey, maybe the Dems can get her to run for Congress in 2020? After all, they’ve already got a rather infamous anti-Semite planning a run for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico.

Just another example of why Joe Biden ought to hang up his running shoes. PowerLine blog’s Paul Mirengoff is right:

A normal person would flatly deny the allegation if he didn’t believe it. If he did believe it, he would either deny the allegation anyway or apologize.

If he wasn’t sure (i.e., he didn’t recall doing what he’s accused of but knew he was capable of it — which is probably the case with Biden), a normal would either deny the allegation or simply say he doesn’t remember inappropriately touching Flores. He would not add the obligatory salute to the “Me Too” movement.

This whole episode – like any number of others that can happen when one is running for the highest office in the land – shines a light into a candidate’s soul. And from this one can only gather that Joe Biden appears to have none, he’s just a panderer to the worst angels of our nature. Time to call it a day, Joe.

…besides, you can bet this Twitter thread is gonna draw some blood. All I can say is, those of us in conservative circles have known this fact for a long time.

Folks who are all worked up about the Red Sox tepid start need to remind themselves that their pitching staff is still, for all intents and purposes, in extended spring training. These guys pitched into almost November last year, and I think manager Alex Cora is right to ease them into the season.

Just another reason why President Trump can’t close our southern border soon enough. Could there be decent folks just looking for a better life? I’m sure. But my guess the vast majority are just like this ungrateful, vile woman looking to eat and drink at the trough of the American taxpayer. Here’s hoping this woman’s sorry ass is deported quickly and efficiently.

OK, I got it: Increased taxes all around, open borders, infanticide, and slavery reparations. Man, that is one hell of a Democratic Party platform going into 2020.

I love this song. Reminds me of me and my friend Jerome Pascua back in Kentucky calling up the Georgetown public radio station almost daily to make our eclectic requests. Good times.

…”No Exit” was a great album. This was another great track from that album. Dreamy, yet edgy.

It’s a long read, but everything you need to know about what was really behind the Robert Mueller / “Russian Collusion” investigation can be found here. Even if you despise Donald Trump with a passion, I ask you to open your mind for just a few minutes. I guarantee you wouldn’t want any Democratic president to go through what President Trump has had to endure for the past 2 1/2 years.

Could this be the par 3 “hidden gem” being touted by Exec-Comm for Friday play at this year’s Goodboys Invitational?

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