March 30, 2019

This will be a good weekend for staying as far away from the computer as possible. I’ve had a bunch of long workdays, and it’s time to work on cleaning the back patio and prepping it for repainting and re-staining next weekend. We’re on the very cusp of much warmer weather, so there’s not a moment to lose! Of course, it means the golf game is back on the shelf for a week or two, but that’s OK – I’m not really all that revved up about playing right now, anyways. There’s just too much to do. And there are plans for a bit of a backyard redesign that I’ll be sharing in my (hopefully) next post (with pictures, no less!). In the meantime…

Think I’ll play this great tune repeatedly while washing down the patio, see what the neighbors think. I mean, you just have to play this loud, right? The cool thing about this song is that the only non-Moog sounds are Donna Summer’s voice and a drummer kicking out the beat with a single smack. But, just to show that more isn’t necessarily better, I have to admit I like the studio (single) version better. It’s just tighter. Check out the video – all these musicians acting as if they’re playing when actually there were only two musicians on the recording, and one of them was Summer, singing! (my boldings):

Before “I Feel Love”, most disco recordings were backed by orchestras. Instead, the team produced “I Feel Love” with a Moog Modular 3P synthesizer borrowed from the classical composer Eberhard Schoener, aided by Schoener’s assistant, Robby Wedel. Wedel proved essential for using the technically complex synthesizer, and Moroder described him as the “unsung hero” of the project. He demonstrated how to synchronize the song’s various elements using an internal click track, a feat Moroder described as “a revelation”.

The song was recorded on a 16-track tape recorder, with the various parts played on a sequencer. As the Moog went out of tune quickly, it had to be recorded in bursts of twenty or thirty seconds before being retuned. To create the hi-hat sound, the team took white noise generated by the Moog and processed it with an envelope. As the Moog could not create an appropriate kick drum sound, the kick was played on a drum kit by session drummer Keith Forsey. Aside from Summer’s vocals, the kick drum is the only element of the song not played by a machine.

40 years later, it still sounds like it came from another universe. It’s an all-time favorite.

Hell, if it were up to me it would haven been closed two weeks ago. But I’ll take it.

I tried to tell y’all that Joe Biden wasn’t aware of what was about to hit him, and, once again, The Great White Shank has been proven right. Biden has always been a stooge, a dolt of a politician, with the political instincts of a sugar glider. Case in point, 2016: sure, his family tragedy had a lot to do with his decision not to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, but as a politician he had to have known that had he entered the race he not only would have beaten Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, he was probably the only Democratic challenger who would have beaten Donald Trump. I guarantee you I wasn’t the only one that breathed a sigh of relief when Biden announced his decision not to seek the presidency.

…that being said, these kinds of moments come and go in the world of politics in the blink of an eye, and in 2019 Biden is old, white, and a symbol of everything that’s wrong with Washington politics. He’s a dope and a joke – someone you wouldn’t even rely on to run supermarket errands. Forget about what the polls say – at this point they’re all about name recognition and nothing else. Fact is, Biden would get his lunch handed to him on the debate stage when things start to get serious. And the unflattering articles being written about him are shots across the bow to tell him to make like an egg and beat it. He’s yesterday’s news, and the other candidates need his donors dough-re-mi for their own campaigns to help them rise above an ever-crowded field.

Simply put, who cares what Jeff Flake thinks? This is a guy, remember, who couldn’t even garner a favorability rating over 16% – 16%! – in Arizona, and as a result chose wisely not to run for re-election. Why anyone thinks anyone cares what this political ignoramus thinks is beyond me.

If I’m Barack Obama I’m carefully watching where the “Russia collusion” hoax fall-out goes from here. This whole thing started with Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch. They thought they were going to get away with it, but then Hillary, of course, lost the election, and then they never thought in a million years Donald Trump would show the patience to allow the Mueller witch-hunt to proceed to it’s completion.

…do you not see it? All the hubbub from Democrats and their operatives in the mainstream media saying, “Donald Trump better not fire Robert Mueller!”, and those unsubstantiated (of course) rumors that Mueller planned to indict Donald Jr. and Ivanka were all nothing but political head-fakes designed to lure Trump into firing Mueller, thereby opening him to real obstruction of justice charges that would increase the chances of impeachment.

…but it was all a joke. Everyone, from Mueller on down to just about everyone except sleaze-ball Adam Schiff and his toady congress-critter from California Eric Swalwell knew there was never any collusion. Now the Democrats have put themselves in the position of looking like sore losers – something easy to spot by voters.

Want my opinion? After the Mueller report is released in its entirety (or as much as is legally possible) in the next two weeks, watch Chuckles Schumer and “San Fran Nan” Pelosi swallow hard and call a yuuuuge press conference to wave the white flag, announcing their acceptance of the results of the Mueller investigation. They’ll say their intention were honest, that they were just “watching out for the American people and the sanctity of the American electoral process.” Of course, it will be bullshit, but it would be the smart thing to do politically – they have to know at this point they’re fighting a losing battle. Besides, they and their party need to start switching the focus and attention to 2020, the debates, and their candidates’ plans for where they want to take the country (for better or for worse).

I’m still not convinced that we won’t see Michelle Obama enter the race for the Democratic nomination.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

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