March 21, 2019

A few thoughts while welcoming Spring here in the Valley of the Sun.

Taco Bell hot sauce: is there anything it can’t do?

Agreed – Rickie Lee Jones was a great album. Hard to believe it’s forty years old. I’ve always enjoyed Jones’s music – it’s quirky, sometimes dopey, always entertaining. I think my favorite performance of hers is her one-of-a-kind rendition of “O Holy Night” on The Chieftains’ Bells of Dublin release. Check it out. It might take a couple of listens, but I guarantee you’ll find it as charming and almost childlike as I do.

Democratic clown car candidates – example #1: Nothing like a wealthy, privileged East Coast elitist promoting “a discussion” of making people who make a helluva lot less than she does in income pay for something they had nothing to do with to people who haven’t suffered one iota from slavery. Something only a liberal loon could conjure up, no?

Democratic clown car candidates – example #2: Hey Andrew, I’ll make you a deal: I promise to keep my hands off of yours if you promise to keep your paws off of mine. Seriously, what kind of moron comes up with this shit?

Democratic clown car candidates – example #3 : What else would you expect when you’re someone who has slept your way into power? Kamala Harris may be as dumb as a rock and a total bitch, but she’s as ambitious as hell. Not to mention the queen of hypocrisy.

Democratic clown car candidates example #4: Brave?? Heh. She’s the Democrat equivalent of Monty Python’s Sir Robin. She’s a joke, and a bad one at that.

Honestly, if these are the best the Democrats have going into 2020, it will be Michael Dukakis all over again.

…and don’t get me started on poor “Slo” Joe Biden. That dude can’t even imagine what is waiting for him as soon as he announces. He’s going to be ground into a pulp by the Berniebots.

…never mind the fact that ol’ Bern may have himself a minority bloc enthusiasm issue.

So lets see: in the past week FOX News has: (1) Suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro for a question based on a truthful premise, (2) added long-time Democratic operative and debate cheater Donna Brazile as a commentator, and (3) given anti-Trumper and illegal immigration stooge Paul Ryan a seat on its Board of Directors. As Bob Dylan once sang, “you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” FOX News is systematically and deliberately destroying its brand.

…which is OK, as far as I’m concerned: since they’re abdicating the niche as the political counterpoint to the CNNs and MSNBCs out there, I predict someone with some big-ass dough-re-mi is going to see the way clear to create their own major conservative cable network (OANN, at least at this point doesn’t count). And don’t count the Trumps out in this: they have the money and the gall, and they aren’t afraid of making the mainstream media’s collective heads explode.

Prediction: we’re all about to find out just how much of a snake “American hero” John McCain was. And wife Cindy and daughter Meghan can spare me their crocodile tears: he was a vile, petty, and corrupt hack of a politician. But at least the mainstream media loved him – which was all he ever wanted, anyways. But from the beginning, he sought to derail a Trump presidency.

At the same time that McCain was appearing to let “bygones-be-bygones”; while he was endorsing and standing by Trump, McCain sent one of his top aides on a desperate flight to London. Why? Because McCain had become aware of a “dossier” that had been compiled by a former British MI6 intelligence agent and Russian specialist, Christopher Steele. The report allegedly contained the “truth” about Donald Trump’s illicit connections to Russia, and its autocratic and kleptocratic leader, Vladimir Putin. Unable to swallow that Trump’s campaign rhetoric was just that, political brinkmanship during a tough primary, McCain helped initiate the greatest political witch hunt in the modern history of our republic. Together, with his former Democratic Party “rivals,” such as former President Barack Obama and the 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, McCain operated as an insurgent from behind the political battle lines: pushing the salacious dossier into the waiting hands of Trump’s foes.

It did not matter that the dossier was unvetted. It also did not matter that the dossier was initially created after anti-Trump elements within the Republican Party paid Fusion-GPS, an opposition research firm headed by Democratic Party members who were also full-time DOJ officials, such as Bruce Ohr. What mattered was that John McCain was going to exact his vengeance upon Donald Trump for having questioned his untouchable status. The fact that McCain, rather than respond to Trump’s attacks–counterpunching, as Trump called it–opted to instead lay low; let the Trump Campaign gain momentum, and then attempt to cut that momentum off at the last possible moment with propaganda from overseas implies a degree of maliciousness unbefitting a former United States Naval officer. After all, McCain had claimed that he had moved beyond Trump’s attacks. He had indicated that all was settled between the two of them. Instead, he bitterly clung onto his grudge against Trump and tried to subvert him.

Of course, they’ll never tell you that! But they know.

What a bunch of maroons. Can you say, “Forward Base Trump” in Polish and/or Hungarian? Because that’s what’s going to happen, and Trump’s got the cojones to do it. Screw “Adolf” Merkel and the Germans. All they’re good for is beer, wienerschnitzel, and golfers Bernhard Langer and Martin Kaymer, anyways.

If you’re Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, this has got to hurt. Hey, don’t blame The Great White Shank, I tried to tell her she oughta put a lid on it (at least for a while), but I guess damned-cute socialist chicks just can’t help themselves.

Hey Goodboys! Who’s in on going all Patti Page your July this year? Not that I’ve heard anything, of course…

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