March 16, 2019

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in the Valley of the Sun. Saturday I’m going to devote to pleasure (working on my golf game), while Sunday will be painful with a ton of work on my plate. In the meanwhile:

Beto O’Rourke is your typical Democratic politician fraud. Oh yeah, he’s really worried about his own personal carbon footprint. I’ll say it for, like, the hundredth time: when Democrats start taking their consumption of fossil fuels seriously, I’ll start taking their hysteria over climate change seriously. Until then, shut the hell up.

Speaking of your so-called up-and-coming Democrats, this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a piece of work, isn’t she? Just another shining star in today’s Democratic Party (the party of compassion, dontcha know?), I guess.

It’s the weekend of THE PLAYERS, and I’m already sick of NBC repeating ad nauseum Gary Koch’s “Better than most!” call. Yeah, it was interesting at the time, but enough is enough. I’ve already heard it a half-dozen times, and we’re not even into the weekend yet!

R.I.P. Hal Blaine, rock drummer extraordinaire. All you have to do is listen to an oldies station for two hours and I guarantee you’ll hear a sing featuring Hal on the skins. He worked with everyone from Spector to Elvis to Sinatra (Frank and Nancy), including practically every L.A.-based ’60s and ’70s pop icon. He was witty, smart (well, except when it came to women), and was absolutely the best in the business. His passing marks the end of an era we will never see again.

Regardless of what you might hear from the likes of CNN and MSNBC, Donald Trump didn’t pull the trigger on those poor folks in New Zealand. Sometimes a wacko is just a wacko.

So now it’s the likes of none other than Chelsea Clinton – Chelsea Clinton! – at the mercy of the PC mob. Here’s a word of advice to you, Chelsea (not that you’d listen) – actually two words: NEVER. APOLOGIZE. Even if you do, the PC mob could care less.

…but she is right: Rep. Omar is an America-hating, vile anti-Semite with the intelligence of a six year old. She’s an embarrassment to a Democratic Party that, frankly, has gone beyond embarrassment at this point. And a word of advice to anyone out there who doesn’t like hearing Rep. Omar called for who she is: if you’re looking for apologies, you’ve come to the wrong place, podna.’s Kyle Porter is biggest Tiger Woods butt-wipe in the business. So let me get this straight, Kyle: if your so-called “Big Cat” (and you’re the only clown in the industry who calls him that) doesn’t dunk two balls in the water and quad-bogeys #17 he’d be right up there on the leaderboard. Using that kind of logic, if Phil Mickelson didn’t miss a few two-foot putts and birdied all 18 holes he’d be -14 and leading the tournament instead of missing the cut. When are you going to stop making excuses for “Big Cat” and simply recognize the guy is now just an ordinary golfer on the PGA Tour? Sure, he might win a few more tournaments down the line – perhaps even a major – but his days of dominance are over. Whatever your “Big Cat” can do these days, there are more than a dozen others who, given the right course and the right set of circumstances, can do the very same thing. Grow up.

Just another reason why John McCain was a vile and petty bastard. Sorry folks, don’t miss him, not in the least. And his no-talent daughter used up her fifteen minutes of fame a long time ago.

If CNN wasn’t broadcast in the nation’s airports would anyone besides the most deranged Trump-hater watch? To see a once-vibrant news organization go to hell is just sad. Could you imagine working there? CNN is nothing but a bad joke.

And speaking of bad jokes, how about today’s Democratic Party? Just one look at all those who have declared for 2020 ought to tell you something. Oh, and just wait until poor Joe Biden announces and watch the knives come out. The Democrats have nothing left but a bunch a identity-politicians who hate Donald Trump and give the word “shallow” a bad name. Can someone tell me exactly what platform these clowns are going to run on?

…which is why – and you heard it here first, folks! – Michelle Obama is going to be the Democratic candidate in 2020.

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