February 17, 2019

If you don’t think there’s any connection with: (1) Andrew McCabe singing like a canary to 60 Minutes, (2) the soon-to-be-released Mueller Investigation report now suspected to reveal (3) zero collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and (4) William Barr’s appointment as new Attorney General you haven’t been paying attention. The irrefutable evidence is that folks within the Obama administration and high-level members inside the Clinton campaign worked with the FBI, the Department of Justice, and foreign intelligence to coordinate a hit on the Trump campaign (the now-famous Fusion GPS “dossier”) to derail his campaign and ensure Hillary Clinton’s election.

When Clinton lost (something none of these folks even dreamed possible) they then had to scramble and concoct a phony “Russia collusion” angle in order to cover their (at a minimum) unethical and (most likely) illegal tracks. It’s really as simple as that.

…people in the FBI (aided and abetted by elements in the CIA and the Obama administration) decided that they didn’t like the person who had been elected President of the United States. Their anger and frustration boiled over when the President had the temerity to fire their man, James Comey. So they plotted to get rid of him.

The FBI didn’t like the President. so they plotted to remove him from office. That is the irreducible minimum, class, that you should take away from this whole sordid lesson. Top figures in the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not approve of the President. Therefore, they took steps to destroy him. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, several times offered to wear a wire to entrap the President.

When Trump fired FBI director James Comey, these same folks took advantage of Attorney General Jeff Session’s incompetency and ill-advised decision to recuse himself from any Russia investigation to appoint Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel. These folks all knew there was, and never would be, any finding of Russia “collusion”, but the hope was that by dragging a bunch of low-level staffers (i.e. Carter Page, George Papadopoulos), or folks associated with the Trump campaign folks having shady business pasts (Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen) into an investigation they might either (a) get lucky uncovering sordid relationships with the Russians resulting from Trump’s pre-election business dealings, and (b) drag the investigation along long enough to influence the 2018 midterms (perhaps even the 2020 general election), all the while (c) covering their tracks on their attempt to destroy the Trump campaign.

Unfortunately for them, the conspiracy couldn’t be 100% papered over; damaging internal communications got released and the folks involved couldn’t keep their stories straight. This kind of thing couldn’t have happened two decades ago when the mainstream media had lock control over what the public read or saw, but in this age of technology, social media, and citizen journalism nothing is truly secret (or sacred) anymore. So certain folks (i.e., McCabe) got caught with their fingers in the cookie jar and had to lie in order to cover their tracks.

Now it’s all falling apart, and I guarantee the prospect to even lower-level folks involved in the conspiracy of being indicted and perhaps convicted is going to cause certain other little birdies to start singing. And that’s why Andrew McCabe’s interview with 60 Minutes is so important. It has taken awhile, but the whole house of cards is starting to waver, and when it falls, while folks like Hillary Clinton will never see indictment or jail, the reputations of the FBI, DOJ, and the mainstream media (who happily and foolishly out of their own hatred for Trump went along for the ride) will have been irrecovably tarnished, if not destroyed.

I hope to these “Deep State” clowns it was all worth it.

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