February 6, 2019

To me the State of the Union speech has become a bore to watch now that it is politicized in much the same way everything else is nowadays. I mean, you can’t watch (if you wanted to, that is) the Oscars, the Grammys, or the Super Bowl without having politics and political correctness shoved down your throat, so I’ve come to avoid it. It seems to me more like a horse race of political one-uppance between all the particulars in publicizing who they’re inviting: I’ll raise my illegal immigrant over your cancer survivor or what not. Everyone is inviting someone in order to make a political statement, which in turn raises the political stakes of the event itself into the stratosphere.

…and I despise the camera work, focusing on who’s clapping and standing to applaud and who’s not, who’s making sour faces and sitting on their hands, etc. etc. It’s all such childish bullshit. But I guess that’s what our so-called “elected leaders” in Washington have reduced the occasion to – after all, it’s not the media’s fault when they show elected grown-ups acting like children. One would think that our elected leaders would, if they can’t respect the president as a person, at least respect the office and the decorum of the event. But I guess that’s too much to ask anymore.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but why can’t the State of the Union speech be more akin to a CEO’s report made to a company’s investors and stockholders? I personally don’t need a whole lot of detail: this is where we’re doing well, this is where we need to improve, here are the problems coming down the track that we’re going to have to face – that would be more than enough. And, I might add, appropriate for the occasion. Which is why, to some extent, what I’ve seen and read about President Trump’s speech last night – for all its obvious successes – a bit disappointing.

For example, how a president can give a SOTU speech without referencing in detail our national debt and the urgency of working out our so-called entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security is beyond me. That being said, I thought (at least from the clips I saw) the president did a good enough job championing the successes his administration has had with the economy and employment amongst women and minorities. And I especially liked it when he chastised the Democrats for their utter hypocrisy when it comes to children and the unborn (supporting more maternal leave while openly supporting third-trimester abortions) and protecting our border (condemning putting “children in cages” but openly supporting the human trafficking of minors whose suffering seems immune to open-borders supporters). I also thought it was important that Trump championed capitalism and condemned socialism in all its forms – boy, you could see the likes of Bernie Sanders and socialist babe Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez sucking lemons when he said that!

Speaking of my favorite cute socialist, I wish she’d just shut up and try to do her job for a while and stop thinking everything and anything is all about her. While I disagree with her views, I do like her spunk, but she’s beginning to wear out her welcome, with even me!

A couple of final thoughts:

1) As far as the Democrats go – especially those of the female persuasion, this post tells it all. I thought them all wearing white was kind of stupid – especially with all the recent coverage involving Virginia governor Ralph Northam being pictured wearing either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan outfit – take your pick. Certainly someone was bound to make the connection and photoshop something on Twitter about it. Which someone did.

2) So let me get this straight: after the last week, and confirmed during last night’s SOTU by their reaction to the president’s speech, here are the basic planks for the Democrats heading into 2020:

— no walls along our southern border
— unrestricted illegal immigration
— support for unrestricted abortion, up to and including infanticide
— socialism over capitalism

Good luck with that!

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