January 26, 2019

A few thoughts before I start finishing up all the housecleaning I wanted to do before I set my sights on the back patio next weekend.

I’m regretting having ever had that damned Xiaflex procedure for my hand. Or maybe not: I mean, who knows what the recovery time I would have been had I put it off for another year, or five or ten years? Maybe I’m just not a good patient, but I’m seven weeks in and I’m still feeling quite a bit of pain and still have quite a bit of swelling, to the point where I’m afraid I’m going to have to have a re-consult with the quack who did it.

…I talked online with a guy who had the same procedure; he says 6-9 months is going to be needed before I’m completely pain-free, and that’s assuming my hand doesn’t start regressing, which is what happens with 30% of the cases. I miss hitting golf balls, and I can tell you I’m F-A-R away from even thinking about that right now. Granted, it’s still six months away, but I’m beginning to wonder whether playing Goodboys Invitational weekend is going to be feasible this year.

…but even if I do (I know a lot of folks aren’t going to want to hear this), I’ve decided next year (2020) will be my 30th and final Goodboys Invitational; after that I’m hanging my Goodboys spikes up. Call me an old fart or whatever, but there comes a time where one wants to go out while he doesn’t have to start making excuses. I’ve had a good enough run, but I’ve gotten picky and finnicky in my old age, so it’s time to plan a nice, leisurely run into the sunset. All things must pass.

I don’t care what you think or may not think about Robert Mueller’s muh-Russia investigation, but this is not what America is all about. To treat some political operative like he’s some Muslim extremist or most-wanted bank robber is a disgrace. Were I President Trump, I would accept the political consequences and sack Herr Mueller. Even if someone hadn’t tipped off CNN – you want to talk about “Deep State”? Again, this is just disgraceful. It makes you wonder whether a silent coup against Donald Trump isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory.

…this simply cannot be allowed to happen – the FBI needs to be disbanded, people fired, and then reorganized under the Department for Homeland Security. I truly think the future of the Republic hangs in the balance.

exactly. If we’re gonna do pre-dawn raids with FBI agents in full riot gear because it’s suspected someone has lied to Congress, where are the pre-dawn raids at Chappaqua and the houses of James Comey, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and James Brennan? All without a doubt – whether intentionally or not – lied to Congress – most especially Madame Hillary, who would be behind bars under any reasonable justice system. You simply cannot have two standards for justice in this country. Otherwise, we’re just another banana republic.

…speaking of which, this is a damned good song.

Another YouTube gem. Sorry, I’m just a sucker for Brian Wilson’s funky synth stuff from the early-to-mid ’70s.

Amazing what you find on YouTube. While poking around for some Olivia Newton-John videos, I came across videos from the early ’70s where Carly Simon sings “That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be” and “Anticipation”. Wow! Was she a sexy thing in that red dress. Talk about oozing sexuality. That hair! Those legs! Those lips! That adorable nose! Hey, I’m just a guy…

…but the released version of “Anticipation” was always a fave – a great ensemble performance that caught my ears with its very cool piano, bass and drums.

…and the same with “You’re So Vain”.

…more poking around on YouTube. Talk about “The King” being The King. He’s grossly out of shape and sweating like a pig, but he still gives a performance that is almost hard to believe. Watch how he wills himself to complete the song the way it was laid out for him. Man, Elvis was the greatest.

You read stories like this and ask, what kind of ****hole might this kind of country be?

They’re only, like, weeks into their tenures as congresswomen, but, like, already Democratic upstarts like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar are morons. If this is, like, the best the Democratic Party has going forward, God help us all, y’know?

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  1. I don’t miss hitting golf balls.

    I just mis-hit them . . . 😀

    Comment by Dave Richard — January 26, 2019 @ 10:28 am

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