January 23, 2019

Look, like many others I know, I’ve tried to tolerate all the bullshit the mainstream media has tossed at conservatives and Trump supporters like me, but after this past weekend I feel as if something has changed. First it was the media salivating and running non-stop speculation over a BuzzFeed story accusing President Trump of telling his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Never mind the fact that the BuzzFeed authors of the piece lied about having seen actual documents supporting their report, nor was it clear that even their (supposed) sources had seen such a document or documents. But who cares about facts when you’ve got hours of rabid, frothing Trump hatred to fill? It finally took no less than the Mueller investigation team to deny any such document or information even existed.

Next it was a piling on by the mainstream media and every leftist loon after a snippet of video emerged in which a group of Kentucky high-schoolers attending the “March for Life” in Washington wearing “Make America Great Again” hats were accused of harassing an elderly Native American war veteran with racist chants. Again, as PJ Media’s Bruce Bawer writes, the media not only got it wrong, but the whole radical left piled on to turn it into a social media shit-show:

Presumably everyone knows the story by now. Last Friday, after attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C., several boys from Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Kentucky, were waiting outside the Lincoln Memorial for their bus home when something happened. The early reports accused the boys, some of whom were wearing Make America Great Again caps, of encircling and harassing an elderly Native American activist and a group of African-Americans. A snippet of video seemed to confirm this account, which was based largely on the testimony of the Native American activist. Next thing you knew, media around the world were reporting on this gang of racist pro-Trump louts and accusing them of White Privilege (even though several of them are black) and famous names on both the left and right were spewing the kids with vitriol.

Then longer videos emerged, and the story turned completely around. The group of African-Americans, who turned out to belong to a racist, anti-Semitic cult, the Black Hebrew Israelites, had been screaming at the boys, calling them “crackers” and “faggots” and the products of incest, among much else. The elderly Indian turned out to be notorious left-wing mischief-maker Nathan Phillips, whose claims to be a Vietnam vet have been challenged and who in 2015 accused some Michigan college students of harassing him. Last Friday, he wasn’t surrounded by the boys from Kentucky; he got up in their faces, banging a drum and chanting. Other Indians with him called the Kentucky boys interlopers on Indian territory and told them to go back to Europe.

Far from doing anything wrong, the high-school boys responded to these outrageous provocations with extraordinary restraint.

It wasn’t bad enough that the story was, as initially reported, 100% factually wrong. What made it much worse is that, even after the entire video showing the entire incident in proper content – the teens being subjected to horrific chants by a bunch of Black anti-Semite, homophobic loons, and the supposedly helpless Native American revealed to be a professional instigator and agent provocateur – the mainstream media and leftists on social media continued the piling on knowing it was false. Several days after the fact, you still have folks refusing to apologize for their false reporting and vicious taunts, attacks, and physical threats of violence.

I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me, but it was shocking, disheartening and unnerving to see such vitriol and abject hatred coming from a political persuasion that supposedly prides itself on tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. I’ve always agreed with Michael Savage that, at its heart, liberalism was a mental disorder, but to see the kind of hatred out there is just mind-boggling. Can you imagine these vile and irrational haters being someone’s husband, wife, father, mother, or child? It’s frightening.

I’ve tried to understand why the left is so consumed with hatred – hatred of Donald Trump, hatred for this country, hatred of anything and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology. But after this last, completely and totally outrageous attempt by the mainstream media and the political left to continue to push what they know to be an outright lie, I’m with The Smirking Hillbilly:

Something that has dawned on me today. They hate us. It doesn’t matter what is true or false. They hate us and will accept nothing but our complete destruction and the destruction of everything we hold sacred. There is no compromise or understanding with people like that.

So here is the main thrust of this post: it’s one thing to hate the president, it’s a whole ‘nutha thing to fill your entire broadcast days and print with unsubstantiated rumor and stories attributed to anonymous sources – if not outright lies – for the sole purpose of undermining Donald Trump’s presidency and ridiculing those who support him. That’s not news, that’s just serving as a propaganda ministry for the so-called “resistance” movement. (Which, BTW, is fine with me – just stop calling yourselves news and thinking yourselves as honest journalists, which you’re not – you’re just activists hawking lies and leftist propaganda). As Jazz Shaw points out in a recent Hot Air post, it doesn’t matter whose lives or reputations are destroyed so long as it furthers the narrative:

…But it does exemplify what now seems to be a hard and fast rule at the New York Times, the Washington Post and most cable news outlets. The MSM has a tendency to jump on stories they like (i.e. reports that reflect badly on the GOP/White House) without spending quite so much time verifying them as they would if the story didn’t support the narrative.

I understand that the news business in the age of social media is a competitive rush to publish and beat everyone else to the scoop. But you have a choice of either waiting to be sure you got the story right or jumping down the rabbit hole with everyone else. In this environment, you might get away with either, as long as you followed the same pattern consistently. But when you err on the side of caution for stories which might make Democrats look bad and leap into the void immediately on tales that tarnish the GOP (or specifically Donald Trump), you compound the problem.

If you don’t want to keep being accused of trafficking in Fake News, there’s a fairly simple remedy available. Do better.

If it were conservatives doing this kind of thing to liberals or progressives, I would be ashamed and be the first to call them on the carpet. But you know what? I’ve come to the opinion that we as conservatives simply don’t have the meanness, the viciousness, and the perfect ability for hatred that liberals and progressives exhibit on a daily basis. Their only religion is politics, it’s all they know or care about, and they live and die with it on a daily basis. It’s sad, and it’s pathetic. But that doesn’t mean I have to be dragged into playing their game, which I hereafter won’t. It’s not because I’m not willing to participate in a healthy debate over political opinion or the great issues of the day; it’s because for the liberal left it’s all about attacking and destroying anyone or anything that disagrees with, or sees things different than the way they do.

So going forward, I’m not putting up with any more of the liberal left’s bullshit. I’ve always been – and will always be – more than willing to hear someone else’s perspective out if offered in a rational and deliberate fashion, but there comes a point where you’re not just being disagreed with, you’re being attacked. So enough is enough. You don’t like President Trump? Fine. But don’t disrespect the office – at least when I’m around. I was hardly a supporter of Barack Obama, and I could be pretty hard on him and his taxpayer-mooching wife at times, but he was still my president. So if you want to diss Donald Trump, conservatives, and those who support him, at least do your homework first. If all you want to do is spout the same lies, disinformation, and bullshit purveyed by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post, take your frothing, irrational hatred somewhere else. To me, they’ve become the enemy of the people, purveyors of fake news who care only about pushing their own hateful ideology and narratives, vile and vicious cretins who will write anything, say anything, or do anything to destroy anyone or anything who refuses to submit to their dogma.

My view is this: anyone or anything that doesn’t respect my political views no longer respects me as a person. Therefore, there is no reason for me to continue to respect their political views nor they themselves. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. But after this weekend, I’ve come to realize you’re the ones who dealt the play, not me.

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