January 21, 2019

A few thoughts, observations, and comments on this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday while wondering: a) how the NFL could allow something like this to happen in such a big game, and just how long one can reasonably expect Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots to keep reaching Super Bowls:

Were I counseling President Trump about where he should give his State of the Union speech, I would say give it in Grant Park in Chicago – remember that? – and use it to tout the significant economic progress being made by minorities under Trump’s economic policies. Inform the nation how these economic gains are an extension of Martin Luther King’s own vision for African-Americans, and compare and contrast his own willingness to stand strong on border security against long-standing weak and corrupt Democratic leadership in our inner-cities that suppresses economic opportunity in much in the same way illegal immigration and sanctuary cities do. In my view it would be winner, winner chicken dinner and a fabulous way to informally kick off the 2020 election cycle.

…speaking of holidays, I despise President’s Day and consider it a perfect example of the dumbing-down of American culture and a willful lack of interest and desire to teach basic American history. Restoring George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays as national holidays, while perhaps not as convenient to auto dealerships and department stores as having a long “President’s Day” weekend is, would encourage the teaching of what these greatest of American presidents meant to our country and its evolution.

The Atlantic targets the history of electronic music and what became of it, but it’s so off-base it’s almost useless. For one thing, George Harrison (Electronic Sound) and The Monkees – gasp! (their Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones, Ltd. dabbles with it throughout) were among the first to play around with the synthesizer as a tool for integrating weird sounds with music. (The Monkees probably heard about it through Frank Zappa, who was there at the start.) At any rate, any article that blames conservatism of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher (!) for electronic music’s downfall is typical liberal clap-trap. Truth is, electronic music was always going to be niche, and would soon – like everything else – be watered-down and commercialized through its increasing use in disco. Besides, by the early ’80s there were already cheaper and more practical alternatives.

…the one thing the article does get right is just how cool electronic music could be when done right, and the article referencing the band Kraftwerk and Donna Summer’s still-stunning-after-all-these-years “I Feel Love” makes it interesting, if not altogether satisfying, reading.

Dan Bongino is asking the important questions the media won’t. But I don’t blame the Democrats or the media for this. Where we are is the result of one, and only one, person: former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Turns out, there was no greater defender of the so-called “Deep State” and “Swamp”, and he tolerated Democratic congressman Adam Schiff’s personal vendetta against the president.

It’s time for Voter ID to become the law of the land. Democrats will call you a racist for believing that requiring everyone to show a picture ID in order to vote is racist, but they’re the ones exhibiting the racism of low expectations. Do they not think minorities are capable of having a driver’s license, social security card, or a state-issued voter ID card? You can’t get on a plane, or deposit or withdraw money out of a bank without a picture ID, why shouldn’t voting require the same? After all, as Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds notes, a fraudulent vote cancels out a legitimate vote. It’s time for Democrats to stop using race as a shield to making Voter ID mandatory across the board, but they won’t – after all, if you require voter ID, you can’t cheat, can you?

Honest to God, liberals are such economic morons. I mean, why stop at a $33 minimum wage? Why not $1000 an hour? Or $10K an hour? If you’re intent is to make sure no one has to ever worry about money, why not just make everything free?

Jeez, ya think?? I mean, paging Captain Obvious!

…along those same lines, sometimes the headlines just write themselves.

I’m now ashamed that I voted for loser “Mittens” Romney for president. But what was I supposed to do, vote for Hussein Obama? Still, it was sooooo embarrassing to see the guy get crucified by the mainstream media on a daily basis and not even lift a glove in protest. Of course, now that Donald Trump is president and the late (but hardly great) John McCain is bye-bye, Mittens sees himself as the Senate’s new “Maverick”, and the mainstream media calls him a “statesman” and “voice of reason”. Yeah, right. To which I say, screw you, Mittens:

Hat tip: Sara Carter.

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