January 14, 2019

First the good news: had my follow-up with the hand quack who performed my Xiaflex procedure. He called it a “home run”, said it couldn’t have gone better. I mentioned my concerns about the pain and swelling I was still having, and he assured me it would go away in time. I’m counting on him for that to be true, because, while I can swing a golf club OK, hitting balls right now is out of the question. On Saturday I went down the street to the PGA Tour Superstore and hit some 7-irons from the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach, then had to quit after five balls because of the pain. My PT says I’m at least 6-8 weeks away from hitting balls without uncomfortable pain, although there is a possibility, albeit rare, it could take upwards of a year before that kind of pain is fully resolved. That sucks. If that’s the case, hasta la vista, Goodboys 2019. I’ll admit, I’m feeling a tad frustrated right now.

…but you read some of the stories of others who had the same procedure and, damn, I am fortunate.

This is pretty funny.

Been watching the Jillian Michaels / Al Roker debate over the keto diet and lifestyle from afar, and it’s pretty amusing. My view is that, while Michaels is a total fox, she’s also nothing more than a huckster in the same vein as, say, Rachael Ray and all the other Food Network stars. Take everything they say and sell with a grain of salt. It’s not like there isn’t a huge problem out there that Michaels is ignoring:

America has been fed (pun intended) false information about nutrition for decades. One biased and utterly garbage study was used as the basis of the “Food Pyramid” that the federal government touted for half a century (watch “The Magic Pill” on Netflix). The Food Pyramid’s biggest accomplishment was to help make heart disease the number one killer in America.

Thanks, experts!

A huge industry has grown up around helping fat people not be fat. This is because there are so many fat people in America. Jillian Michaels has profited greatly in this industry. A New World Order in which people can lose weight simply by buying better groceries and not spending money on “fat burner” supplements (which Michaels sells) is bound to be disturbing to those who have made a lot of money under the old system.

Michaels’ complete lack of regard in her rants for the most basic facts about keto lead me to believe that she is more fearful of the easy-to-obtain benefits of the lifestyle than she is about the well-being of the dieting public.

In Michael’s case, one would think given her history she’d be more interested in the welfare of folks to the extent that whatever inspires them and helps them to lose weight, just do it.

Me? I don’t trust anything – and I mean anything – the government and so-called “experts” tell me about anything. Think about it: the nanny state has never been more intrusive in our lives, and you have to wonder who the so-called “experts” are driving that agenda. You have Big Government, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Education, and Big Entertainment working together to push “common wisdom” on everything from diet to climate change, from cars we should be driving all the way down to baby car seats and sunscreen. And what has been the result? As a country and a culture we’ve become fat, physically and intellectually lazy, over-reliant on government, all to willing to accept opinion stated as fact, and unwilling to face hard facts and make tough choices about what the role of government is in our lives.

The president is right about the need to protect our southern border, but there’s also trouble afoot at our northern border as well. I personally don’t care as much about the wall as that we start taking seriously the enforcement of our immigration laws. If you are found here illegally, you’re allowed to apply for asylum. If your situation doesn’t apply, you go to the back of the line and are deported until you’re either accepted or turned down. A wall alone isn’t going to stop illegal immigration if we as a country can’t or won’t support our own immigration laws.

If you’ve got the body for it, the answer is yes. Next question?

As I’ve been saying all along, the whole “Russia Collusion” thing was nothing more than an Obama White House plot to torpedo the Trump administration’s ability to get its footing and protect both the “Deep State” and Obama’s socialist agenda from being overturned. The biggest mistake President Trump made was appointing a Washington insider like Jeff Sessions as Attorney General instead of someone who could find all the bad actors in the DOJ, Department of State, and the FBI who created two separate codes of justice: one for Hillary Clinton and them, the other for the rest of us.

This could be the first book I download onto the Kindle I got for Christmas. Looks like it’s a “must have” for all Jaws afficianados out there, most especially a few I know in GB Nation.

Asking the important questions. Me? I often wondered the same thing. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

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