January 12, 2019

Thoughts heading into a weekend while wondering where the heck the last week went. I had planned to do some blogging but between work, the house, and the cars the week just got away from me. Eh, better luck next week!

Larry Schweikert has a fascinating Twitter thread about dieting and how the federal government (most especially, the FDA) is full of crap with their recommended studies published by so-called “experts”. I can – and will, starting in three weeks – drop 5-10 pounds on the Eades Diet (a modified Adkins Diet) and cutting out caffeine and alcohol. This time around, I’ll condense the first four weeks into two weeks as a way to just kick off the new year. After that, I’ll just continue to significantly reduce my intake of processed foods, eliminate high-fructose corn syrup and anything “white” – breads, pasta, sweets. It’s actually easy-peasy.

I can’t say that our house has much in the terms of clutter, but this makes sense to me. Me? I’m a minimalist, but inside Tracey lurks the soul of a hoarder who I doubt would throw anything out if given the choice. It’s not necessarily a New Year’s resolution, but I did resolve to reorganize all our closets and cabinets in both the garage and the house with the goal of culling out anything unnecessary and redundant.

I’ve been suspecting this kind of thing for years; most certainly, the Catholic Church would know more than anyone. Now, are most gays pedophiles? Of course not. But I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that the majority of pedophiles are gays. And they’ve been protected (and I would add, even encouraged) by an aggressive infiltration of major media and our colleges and universities by radical leftist and LGBTQ+ social activists. As I’ve said many times before, what you do in your bedroom is your business, but keep it out of my face. More and more, LGBTQ+ activists want to put their deviant lifestyles anywhere impressionable young people are – young people who don’t know any better. It’s disgraceful, but this is the way these deviants convince themselves that what they are is just natural and the norm – something far from the case.

I think it’s arguable which state produces the worst politicians, California or Massachusetts, but Howie Carr makes a pretty convincing case that the Bay State would take the cake. Think about it: any state whose voters would re-elect a transparent phony liar and elitist Elizabeth Warren as its senior senator has to be pretty bad. You’ll never see me planting my residential feet there ever again, I can tell you that. There are few better places than Massachusetts to visit in the summer and the fall, but politically, the state and its left-leaning ideology and Democratic politicians and political hacks are a cancer.

Hmmm. Maybe if I were a NFL defensive back I, too, would want the likes of Colin Kaepernick back in the league. A good opportunity to pad my stats for a salary run!

Another example of liberalism and its PC culture being a mental disorder. If there is anything good about liberals and liberalism, it is that both know nothing about moderation, so they’ll keep pushing and pushing their various agendas until a majority of the country (which presently considers them more of an annoyance than anything else), starts pushing back, big time. Maybe it will be when their towns try to ban the use of plastic straws or plastic shopping bags, or become magnets for the homeless and their camps – who knows? I’ve always said my generation, the baby boomers, are the worst thing that ever descended upon this country. Fortunately, a new generation is soon coming that, along with future generations, are going to sweep these morons away like a Gulf Coast hurricane.

While it’s too soon to tell how the Sox bullpen this year is to be configured, I have to agree. Here’s an idea: since Craig Kimbrel is still out there waiting for his big free-agent deal, why not offer him a one-year deal with a nice raise so he can try and prove himself for next year’s free-agent market? He was more than a rollercoaster last year, but he was an integral part of the team’s World Series championship.

This is CNN. Disgraceful.

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