December 22, 2018

It’s a warm, sunny weekend here in the Valley of the Sun – perfect for playing a relaxing round or two of golf while the rest of world spends its days in traffic, online shopping with Amazon Prime, or standing in lines for those essential last-minute gifts. Even if you give folks an extra week of holiday shopping, like we had this year, I guess it always comes down to the last-minute dash for some folks. As for me, the right is progressing nicely, and while I was finally able to grip my seven-iron yesterday, it’s gonna be a while before I’m going to be able to swing it without pain. I do think I’ll be able to practice putting in a week’s time. That would be nice – I’m feeling really itchy and apprehensive at the same time about playing golf.

…between the PT exercises I’ve been given and the passage of time, the swelling in the right hand has gone down enough so I can begin measuring progress by the simple day-to-day activities I am slowly getting back to doing, even if somewhat awkwardly. Brushing my teeth seems to be the best barometer: think about it the next time you brush, and all the different ways you manipulate the brush with your fingers. It may not seem like much, but try doing it when your right hand has five puncture marks in it and is blown up like a pufferfish. And things like being able to make coffee in the morning – try separating out the coffee filter with just one hand that moves freely, or holding a bar of soap in your hand while washing. These are all things we take so much for granted!

…now, I’ll grant you, if we spent every second of every daily not taking for granted all the things we do as part of our daily routines, we’d never get anything done. Awakened gratitude and appreciation for everything you have and everything you do without normally thinking about would be a time-consuming thing, indeed. We’d never get anything done. Still, this week’s minor procedure (“minor” relative to the right hand as opposed to having something done on other parts of the body, not minor if you were to ask my hand how it felt!), is just another reminder of how health truly is wealth, that, as John Lennon once sang, “you don’t know what you got until you lose it”, and that as one gets older, these kinds of daily health “interruptions” are going to become more the norm than the exception.

…which is also a reminder that the only thing I’m going to be doing at the gym in the near future is stair-climbing, treadmill, and bike, with some minimal weight work with my left hand only. I’m probably (so the doc says) a good two months away from using my right hand for any kind of weight work. Not that I’m that much of a weight worker in the gym, but one of my days is going down the line of various machines, and all but one of them require two strong and healthy hands. Something to look forward to come the New Year, fer shure.


Put me down as enthusiastically supportive of President Trump’s announcement of pulling our troops out of Syria and (so the word goes) reducing our presence in Afghanistan to a forward operations base for monitoring the Taliban, Iran, and Pakistan. Just as the Russians found out in the late ’70s, our attempt to “nation build” in Afghanistan has been a wasteful and abysmal failure. And if Turkey and Assad think they can handle what remains of ISIS themselves, more power to them. I’m sick of the GOP elite “neocons” having their pockets feathered by defense industry interests, and the “Deep State” and the Department of State treating the world as but chess pieces to be moved around on a whim. Time to put a halt to “red state” young men and women fighting and dying for the worldly interests of “blue state” elites. Because that’s what it comes down to. Lee Stranahan is absolutely correct when he says:

“Elites love sending your kids into war. Not their kids. But your kids. That’s the essence of elitism. Waging war, stealing stuff from other countries, enslaving people. But having your kids do it. And your kids don’t get the ‘stuff’ by the way.”

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands for the chaos they caused in the world with their foolish adventures, and that’s not the way Trump sees the world. Trump is right when he says you build up your military so that no one wants to test it, and if they do, they’ll see they get punched back hard enough.

…and the mainstream media and cable networks are particularly despicable in their criticism of Trump following up on campaign promises to pull our troops out of harm’s way when the end doesn’t justify the means. As Richard Baris tweets:

Less than two years ago, the media hysterically covered Trump’s appointment of hawks as a “military junta” – Mattis, Kelly, Flynn/McMaster.

He didn’t listen to their call for endless war, and now we’re all supposed to be terrified of that decision.

Make up your little minds?

…and as the always on-point Tammy Bruce tweets:

Political swamp that sent us into Afghanistan for 17 yrs w/o a resolution, that invaded Iraq on bad intel, that allowed NoKo to get the bomb, that froze in fear as ISIS spread like cancer, are now condemning @realDonaldTrump for not following their rules & orders. Got it.

Whoever thought the liberal media to be so warmonger-ish? Can you imagine them behaving this way if it was Barack Obama doing it? Why, they’d be pushing Their Messiah for another Peace Prize! Now, in the Age of Trump, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Well, damn them all to hell.

…As Michael Walsh writes at American Greatness:

If Trump does nothing else but put an end to the endless wars bequeathed to us by the house of Bush [Ed. note: …and the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton] his will have been a consequential presidency.

And as Ace of Spades writes, Trump has succeeded where George W. Bush failed: he has turned the anti-war left into passionate neocon warhawks and intervention-adventurers.

Mark my words, this is not going to end well for the Democrats in 2020.

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