December 1, 2018

I’m spending this weekend with a few of my Goodboys pals in Sin City, but that doesn’t mean the blog doesn’t go on. A few thoughts and comments about what’s going on out there.

Rest in peace, Mr. President. I wonder if the mainstream media will cover President Bush’s death with the same fawning coverage as it did with John McCain. I’ll tell you this: George H.W. Bush was twice the man that petty, vicious “Maverick” was. But Bush didn’t play the kind of games with the media that ol’ Mav did; if there was one characteristic GHWB had that McCain didn’t have, it was sincerity.

If you’re a Democrat or raving, drooling Trump-hating liberal, all the good feelings about your supposed “blue wave (over-hyped by all those California House seats turning blue), this story from ought to be reason for pause. 54, 543 voters? Democrats will never have it better than they had it for the 2018 mid-terms – a GOP congress that virtually did nothing for two years, a wave of engaged voters wanting to get back at Republicans and the President for Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016, and – most importantly – no Democratic national candidate or Speaker for engaged GOP voters to come out against. And still, the best your party could do was run up vote totals in Massachusetts, California, and New York?

…sure, there’s a lot of work the GOP needs to do in the next couple of years to improve its appeal to millennial suburban voters, but at this point in time I have to think that, given my druthers, I’d rather be in Donald Trump’s place than any other Democrat’s he might run against.

…because when it comes to choosing between what liberals truly believe vs. what conservatives do, sunlight is going to be the best disinfectant. If Democrats want to spend the next two years pushing for huge tax hikes to combat climate change and push Russia “collusion” they do so at their own peril.

One has to wonder just how long CNN can go on embarrassing itself. But the fact is, they just don’t care anymore. To repeat a false story published by NPR without doing any kind of verification is to call any of them journalists is a joke. They are the epitome of “fake news”.

I’m beginning to question Arizona senator Jeff Flake’s mental stability. No one can be that stupid and not be afraid or ashamed to show the world just how nonsensical everything he does is. And folks wonder why his approval rating of 18% forced him not to seek reelection.

Honest to God, if this is what passes for intelligence in our nation’s schools…

How on earth did this action take so long. The woman should be in jail.

If I lived in California I’d be pretty nervous right now.

If (soon to be former) Speaker Paul Ryan had done his job the last two years instead of serving as a roadblock to President Trump’s agenda, he wouldn’t have anything to whine about. He can’t pull his stakes up fast enough for me.

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