November 28, 2018

Let’s get right to it:

OK, so the way liberals see it you can’t decorate the White House for Christmas or take your kids on a fishing trip while invasion caravan members get tear-gassed as they attempt to break through our southern border and heave rocks as our border enforcement. Geez, I can’t remember the same kind of outrage on social media while ISIS was committing atrocities in Iraq, Syria’s military ignoring Barack Obama’s silly “red line” and committing atrocities, and folks losing their doctors due to Obamacare. You can play this kind of pathetic game both ways. What it illustrates once again is just how petty, hypocritical, intolerant, and just plain vicious liberals on social media can be.

…I guess it was OK when Barack Obama did it.

But it’s not just on social media. I (still) have Yahoo! as my home page (Tracey likes it), but that’s only so every day I get a reminder of just how bent out of shape the liberal media is over Donald Trump’s presidency. Every day it’s just one outrage after another. You’d think after all this time they’d like, you know, get a life. But that’s OK – in the language and spirit of the season, their misery brings me great tidings of great joy.

…for example, does anyone really care what Barbra Streisand thinks? Wasn’t her shelf life over, like, decades ago? But Yahoo! somehow thinks she’s relevant.

…for another example, is there anyone who even reads Rolling Stone anymore? Besides, like, over-the-hill stoners who still wish it were 1972, man. But evidently Yahoo! thinks they’re relevant.

This film sounds like an incredible undertaking and worth venturing out for if it comes my way. I guarantee it will be an emotional and lasting experience. Kudos to Peter Jackson for bringing “The Great War”, and a very important time in our history, to life.

Holy cow! If I didn’t see the video I never would have believed it. That’s a lot of beef…

I can’t imagine what the woman in this marriage must have been like to live with. I mean, how could a rational society allow this kind of child abuse? I have to say, I don’t really like this world and this culture going on around me. Yeah, you can say I’m just an old fart or fuddy-duddy, but what person in their right mind would torment a child like this and be able to get away with it? They can call it “gender dystopia”. I call it child abuse and, more than anything else, bullshit.

…and the same goes for this. I wouldn’t let that freak near any child of mine, I’ll tell you. These people are sick, but who’s going to tell them that to their face? Tweet that and I’d probably get suspended from Twitter. Which I don’t really use, anyways.

So there’s a lot of Hallmark Christmas Channel going on at my house these days. And I can see why the channel is so popular and getting incredible ratings. The movies – unlike our culture these days – appeal to, as old Abe Lincoln once put it, the better angels of our nature. Sure the snow and the settings are phony, the storylines barely believable, and all the actors pretty and with great teeth (lots of great teeth, in fact!), but there’s too much meanness, pettiness, and hate in this world (see above), and folks need a little escapism. I wouldn’t sit and watch through one from beginning to end, but good for them.

And while liberals and the cable networks and MSNBC, and CNN, and PBS, and the Washington Post and New York Times publish their daily outrages, President Trump keep transforming our country’s judiciary one judge at a time. And the impact these judges have on American law and life will be felt long after Trump leaves office.

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