November 21, 2018

Oh man, we’re right on the cusp of the holiday season. I can’t believe how many people already have their friggin’ Christmas lights up. I mean, hello: it’s only November 21st, for gawdsakes! But hey, who am I to decided when the right time is for celebrating the season? The non-stop Christmas music on 99.5 here in the Valley has been playing holiday stuff as soon as Halloween was over, and I heard Mexican Christmas music at the Si Senor the other day. I might as well get in the habit. This is a nice remake of an obscure Beach Boys tune from 1972. The video is a little dopey, but whoever “Rachel” is, she’s cute and enthusiastic, and has a great voice for singing pop.

Around these parts it’s called “Arizona Justice”.

As I mentioned in my post the other day, you don’t screw around with “San Fran Nan” Pelosi. Marcia Fudge of Ohio was thinking about it, then all of a sudden – mysteriously so – something nearly forgettable, but embarrassingly so – from her past somehow got leaked. So much for challenging the incoming Madame Speaker. Like I said in that post, I might not like nor agree with Nancy Pelosi, but I respect her political chops – especially when it comes to keeping her party’s minions in line.

…that, of course, is a double-edged sword for Democrats because they know just how damned unpopular she is. But America will just have to find out all over again why a do-nothing GOP is better than an active Democratic Party.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have zero interest in watching the Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson “Duel in the Desert” this weekend. I’m sure it’ll get good numbers, but as for me, wake me when it’s over.

I finished Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules For Life” last week and found it interesting. A little boring and repetitive in spots, but its themes regarding self-sufficiency and self-respect, honesty, truthfulness (especially with one’s self) and being realistic with your life and one pursues one’s goals is something very much needed these days. You have these adult/child snowflakes being wet-nursed through college with their “safe spaces”, ignorance about our country and its traditions, the Constitution, the basic tenets of free spec and innocent until proven guilty, and running up huge student debt and entering the workforce without brains or common sense, and you realize why Peterson is so despised in liberal and academic circles. The way he’s talked down to in this interview gives you an idea of why he’s seen as such a threat.

Well, you can’t say President Trump didn’t warn Mexico about “that invasion”.

There won’t be any arguing about politics at the Richard family Thanksgiving, but that’s only because there are three of us, and two of them (guess which) will likely be watching Lifetime Christmas movies while eating. Still, I pity the poor bastards out there who are going to have to listen to some insufferable idealist and clueless liberal know-it-all attack them while they’re passing the dressing and gravy simply because they’re discovered as a supporter of Donald Trump.

…speaking of which, it never happens the other way, does it? I mean, you didn’t have conservatives attacking liberals and restaurant and store owners and bar patrons harassing Barack Obama supporters while he was president, did you? There is a decided lack of civility nowadays that I find distasteful, almost to the point where I care not to associate with anyone. I like who I am and what I like, and what I like is being left in peace. That’s getting much harder to do these days.

…so here’s a word to the wise: you got a problem with a family member or friend who happens to like and support Donald Trump? Shut yer yap and give it a rest, if only for a few hours. You not only might find yourself enjoying yourself, but you might actually find out there is more to life than politics. Really!!

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