November 10, 2018

A few thoughts during “opening day” weekend of The Great White Shank’s 2018-2019 golf season. (I guarantee – good or bad – you’ll get the low-down right here on GoodboysNation blog.) In the meantime:

Silly me. I think this story ought to be getting much more play in the mainstream media, but what do I know? Seems to me it would benefit both sides politically if true: a) that the right decision was made on Judge Kavanaugh (good for Republicans), but that their star witness wasn’t bluffing in her belief that she was sexually attacked (good for Democrats and the #MeToo movement).

Looks like Holly Sonders is out on FOX’s golf coverage. I know she was a fave amongst my Goodboys pals for obvious reasons, but I always thought she was a no-talent ditz. Her interviews were excruciatingly bad, and she really didn’t bring a whole lot of gravitas to them. But maybe that’s not what she was hired for in the first place.

Another mass shooting. Another case of the mainstream media and liberals bleating about the need for gun confiscation. Clearly, the issue about guns and shootings is having an inroad into our electoral politics. If I’m the GOP and I’m looking to get a leg up on the issue, I’m going to start working on real proposals for solutions that combine the rampant homelessness folks are tired of out west and down in Florida, and mass shootings under the need for an honest discussion on mental illness. There are too many people out on the streets and not in institutions that need to be. Surely, in this 21st century we can find a humane, yet effective solution to this issue, can’t we?

…and speaking of the 21st century: certainly, this country can get it’s act together when it comes to the most fundamental act in a democratic republic, which is voting. I mean, c’mon: you look at Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Montana – isn’t it time the federal government issues formal guidelines for voting in elections to ensure everyone’s vote gets the same treatment and courtesy? This bullshit about late votes and absentee votes is crap. Either you care enough to make sure your vote arrives in time to be counted or it doesn’t. There is nothing in the Constitution saying that “every vote must be counted”. It’s bullshit. If we can’t get our voting practices under control we’re no better than Venezuela or other 3rd world banana republics.

More changes on golf coverage at the major networks. Johnny Miller has retired at NBC, to be replaced by Paul Azinger, who will retain his spot on FOX for the U.S. Opens through the end of their contract in 2026. Truth be told – much like Jerry Remy on the Red Sox coverage at NESN – I thought Johnny had kind of lost his fastball the last few years. All too often he was just telling us what our eyes had already seen for ourselves. But I always liked him and know he’ll enjoy his retirement.

In golf there’s cheating, and then there is cheating. This is pretty bad – I mean, how can you and/or your caddy not know the rules? On second thought, wish I had someone who’d be willing to toss my OBs back onto the course.

You look at stories like this and this, and you begin to see the problem the Democrats are going to have keeping their most loony and extreme elements under control ahead of the 2020 elections. Let me tell you, it’s easy being in the “resistance” minority: you can whine, bleat, and moan to your hearts content. Once you’re in power and accountable to the way to wield that power, that’s when the problems arise. The GOP found that out when it came to healthcare reform; the Democrats are going to find that out when they have to choose between truly governing and adhering to the demands of their most extreme (and immature) base.

Forty years later, Pink Floyd’s Animals still holds its own as far as edginess and quality of musical performance goes. Dark. Cynical. It would be the last time the band with Roger Waters on bass truly sounded united; not coincidentally, it would be the last time keyboardist Rick Wright would be given the chance to play the key role he had in the band’s unique sound. You listen to “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”, “Dogs”, and (most especially) “Sheep”, and it’s just a mind-blowing performance. Not to the level of, say, Wish You Were Here or The Dark Side of the Moon, but still very solid (not to mention, at least in political terms, contemporary). If I’m on my deathbed I want those bone-crushing major chords from David Gilmour in “Sheep”‘s outro (with Nick Mason’s typically inventive and chaotic drum fills) to be the last thing my earthly brain hears. It would ensure I go out with a smile.

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