November 3, 2018

With all the traveling and catch-up work it has been a long, hard week. But it’s the weekend, we’re just days away from the mid-term elections, and I’ll be back on Monday with my predictions. Until then, a few thoughts and comments:

It’s thirteen pounds down on my Eades diet. The weeks 3 & 4 “meat weeks” are over come Tuesday, and I plan to monitor the election returns with fried veal cutlets, crinkle-cut French fries, and a few glasses of Greg Norman’s exquisite Cabernet Merlot. And then after that, I plan on implementing some diet changes and get back to the gym on a regular basis to make sure I never have to do this damned Eades diet ever again. But I have to admit, it works. I expect by Tuesday I’ll have lost the fifteen pounds I set out to lose at the start, and I’ll have lost almost an inch off my waist.

The whole high-blood pressure thing turned out to be much ado about nothing. I went to my doctor, who had a nurse administer my blood pressure test properly and without a machine, and I got 124/80. I went back the next day at around the same time and got a 122/82. I’ll still be getting my blood work done and have my physical in a couple of weeks just to make sure it’s all good (I’ll even bring my little wrist BP tester with me just to see the official comparison). But I think it’s gonna be just fine.

This year I’ll monitor the election voting by following three or four Twitter accounts who, I believe, have the best knowledge about how these elections are going to go. If I watch any cable network, it might be CNN or MSNBC, but only then if it’s official that the GOP has kept the House so I can watch the miserable loons on the left melt down and drown in their own misery. More likely, I won’t watch anything at all: I just find the talking heads on all the cable news shows so boring and so predictable.

Speaking of talking heads, what is it with all the sports events these days? You used to have a play-by-play guy and a color commentator. Now, more often than not, there’s a third analyst in the booth, and at least one other person down on the field. And then with the pre-game and post-game shows you have four or even five or six clowns behind the desk. For what? How many so-called “experts” do you need to tell me about something I just watched with my own eyes? And why stop at five or six? How about nine or ten? Or one hundred and fifty? Would that be enough?

It’s really gotten to the point where they only TV I will watch is Golf Channel and occasionally the MLB Network for baseball or their MLB Tonight show. If I’m going to get my news from somewhere it most definitely won’t be from any of the cable networks, and that includes FOX News. I have my reliable slew of web sites that I get whatever news or coverage I need to know about from, and the rest of it I could care less about.

But I don’t insulate myself with only website content I agree with. In order to see what the liberal left thinks and/or how they get their news, keep my home page at Yahoo!. To watch it every day and its onslaught of negative news having to do with President Trump is to realize just how much of a caricature the left has become. Look, you may not like President Trump – I get it – but to only show content that negatively reflects on him, his administration, and his family is to do a disservice to everyone. I mean, what are they afraid of? That the possibility of Trump doing something – anything – that might be good for the country will harm their brand? That’s hardly a way to present one’s self as an honest dissembler of information.

Speaking of which, I used to religiously follow Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report page, but it seems to me that, more likely than not these days, he’s interested in clicks than anything else.

Well, well – no surprise there. The Democrats are going to rue what they did to Justice Kavanaugh. Americans, by and large, believe in fairness. And what they saw the Democrats and the loony left attempt to do to a man’s reputation purely for the sake of petty, party politics went against everything the Democrats (supposedly) once stood for. I believe the Kavanaugh hearings will be looked at as a game changer – not just as far as the mid-terms are concerned, but as to how Americans view the Democratic Party and the liberal left.

Four weeks to my Vegas weekend and I’m back to monitoring the Vital Vegas blog. Even if I’m not getting ready to visit, the blog is such a hoot because there’s always something going on there: places closing, places opening up, etc. It’s just such a fascinating place and a fascinating place to write about.

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