October 30, 2018

Jetting back to Arizona after wrapping up some final transitions work for my dad back in Massachusetts (everything went swimmingly) and he’s very happy in his new digs. Once we got his remaining financial arrangements out of the way it actually got to the point where I started feeling guilty about stopping by his apartment in fear of upsetting his routine. So it feels really good to know that he’s in a great place with a happy and comfortable vibe that that I helped him find and transition into. It just couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

In the meantime:

While late October is a special time in New England with everything decked out and looking like Halloween, you could really feel the window closing in on the golf season. And while there’s a part of me that wishes I could stay there and watch the leaves coming down and the nor’easters roll in to turn everything from fall to late fall, I most certainly won’t miss seeing the days shorten to nothing when the clocks get turned back in a week’s time. There is nothing fun about that.

Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox! They certainly proved themselves the class of the baseball world this year. Between their 108 regular season wins and the way they played during the post-season, it’s clear the best team won.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and their manager Dave Roberts were a puzzle to me throughout the Series. The problem with National League baseball and having pitchers hit is that you have to fill your roster with role players who might be very versatile during the regular season, but come October you find yourself with a roster of spare parts that have a problem making any sense when it comes time to play the Americans in the World Series. All of a sudden, moves that might seem to have made sense in August and the over-managing one has to do during the first 170+ games don’t quite pan out as you planned. In Roberts’ case, taking Rich Hill out in Game 4 made no sense at all – but that’s what all the dopey analytics and playing the match-ups he’d been successful doing since April will do to you. BoSox manager Alex Cora, on the other hand, managed aggressively throughout the playoff and stayed aggressive throughout. Once he got the Dodgers’ neck under his boot (or, in this case, cleat) he didn’t take it off. And the players bought into that strategy enthusiastically.

Had dinner tonight at the Logan Airport Legal Seafoods restaurant staring at CNN and its closed-captioning for about an hour. I guess you have to expect that in Massachusetts, but I can see what President Trump means about certain media outlets – especially CNN. Every – and I do mean every segment was about Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh to mourn the victims of Saturday’s shootings, and 100% of it was negative. I mean, the guy would never be able to catch a break: he comes to pay his respects, they’re bitching about it. If he didn’t come, you know they’d be hammering him for why he didn’t. And that’s what the President means about “fake news”: if all you’re going to do is relentlessly hammer the guy and his administration no matter what they do, you might be being honest about your political opinion of him, but you are not reporting the news honestly. Only liberals can’t understand the nuance in that.

Ok, that’s enough for now.

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