October 26, 2018

Just one more thing loose end to help my dad tie up following his move to senior housing, so I’m heading back East for a fairly quick trip where I hope to see some autumn colors and get the feeling of Halloween before I return to the Valley of the Sun and much better weather. There’s a lot to do and friends to catch up with, so the typical weekending post might not get there.

But just in case…

Let’s see if Rush Limbaugh’s hunch about those phony bomb mailings pan out as he thinks. I’ll tell you, it wouldn’t surprise me – the polls and projected early voting appear to be turning against the Democrats to the point where the whole idea of a “blue wave” is just a dream, and someone is thinking this would be a way to gin up the base:

“In fact, you know, you say these are all deep state players — Soros, Bill and Hillary, Obama and so forth. It is curious. They’re not even on the radar in the midterms when you get down to it, other than they’re trying to get themselves on the radar. But see, that’s the thing. They’re trying to get noticed,” he said. “The Clintons desperately need to be noticed all the time, and Obama is trying to recapture some glory, trying to show everybody he can still move the needle. It isn’t working.”

We shall see soon enough.

The pipe bombs were fake, but this kind of behavior practiced by liberals is the real thing. Nor is this. Fear and intimidation? That’s the liberal left’s game plan for the mid-terms. And you know why? That’s all they have to go with.

Is anyone else amazed at the turnaround the Red Sox bullpen has made during this post-season? I agree with the Boston Herald’s Jason Mastrodonato – at least right now – Nathan Eovaldi is the team’s MVP. Sure he hasn’t pitched a lot of innings, but think about the impact he has made. Alex Cora had spent the entire season trying to find someone – anyone – who would embrace the 8th inning set-up role, and Eovaldi has embraced it with gusto. Which means Joe Kelly and Ryan Brazier can drop into the more comfy (at least for them) 6th-and-7th inning spots and shine, the rejuvenated Craig Kimbrel can do his unhittable closer thing, and – best yet – there are no sightings of Heath Hembree anywhere. The Sox are a very, very dangerous team right now, and they’re playing with such confidence a sweep of the Dodgers is not unthinkable.

Speaking of the Dodgers, L.A.’s pitching coach Rick Honeycutt is a moron. Just another reason to hope the Red Sox can sweep the Dodgers off the face of the earth. You’re in the World Series, dude – embrace the passion, don’t whine and complain about it. It’s not like someone is sending you phony pipe bombs. If you want peace and quiet, take up golf or tennis. Or join the Miami Marlins pitching staff.

I don’t feel one bit sorry for Megyn Kelly. When she first went prime-time at FOX News she was self-deprecating, cute, and entertaining. Then she thought she was going to be the one to take down Donald Trump and her head got too big and she turned into a nasty shrew. I think President Trump got inside her head and messed with it. Don’t believe me?

She’s got only herself to blame. But I guess she’s got ~ $69 million reasons not to feel too bad, I guess.

If I’m the Democratic National Committee, Twitter posts like this, this, and this ought to be sending ice water through my veins.

It’s not a migration, it’s an invasion, bought and paid for by those who wish the worst for this country. Keep ’em the hell out.

Funny how you don’t hear anything about this kind of thing in the mainstream media – especially given their love of the LGBTQEDIURXPIAEIOU etc. etc. agenda. But then again that would go against the narrative pushed by the Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media that refugee migration is only peaceful and good.

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