October 7, 2018

Out here in the Valley of the Sun, the phrase “cold system” tells you that, indeed, the seasons have changed. I’ll admit, it’s a joy to have had “Arizona winter” start two weeks earlier than it normally does, but that’s what an El Nino winter will do for you. And it’s not just this, there’s a good chance Hurricane Sergio out in the Pacific is going to turn and give us even more rain come next weekend. I say bring it on! In the meanwhile…

Congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh on his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Not only through your confirmation hearings was the American republic finally awakened to how the mob rule of Democrats and liberal activists work, but they saw just how President Donald J. Trump and the art of winning works. Republicans will never be the same again.

…my “Beers for Brett” was a Sam Adams Octoberfest. I. Love. Winning.

Love Chris Sale, but that’s all the Sox have in the starting rotation. David Price is a dog. And for all that money? Hate to say it, but I’m picking the Yankees in 4.

But of course they’re not. They know their attempted lynching of a good man purely for the purposes of a political agenda failed miserably. Hope it was all worth it for them. I’m not sure how they can even look themselves in the mirror. But given how shameless they are, I’m sure they sleep very comfortably with the choices they made.

I’m sick of people apologizing for what they honestly feel. Today you have Bette Midler (who I’m sure I have little in common with politically) backing down for simply quoting the sentiment of a John Lennon song from 1972. Would the song be in poor taste today? God, yes. But grow up, everyone! I know what Midler was alluding to – albeit in a way I disagree – I was around at that time. It was a period piece, written 42 years ago! Words are nothing more than words. And I’m sick of these moronic dweebs crawling around from under the baseboards and their oh-so-precious Twitter and Facebook accounts to pass judgment on others. You know what I would say to them? F**k you. I don’t support what Ms. Midler said, but I’ll go to the walls to defend her for her right to say it.

…BTW, the album from which “Woman Is…” came from, Sometime in New York City, was not, in and of itself, a great album by any stretch of the imagination, but two Yoko Ono songs were, in my humble view, the absolute balls. “Sisters, O Sisters” sounds like something out of a Connie Francis LSD trip, but it’s just harmless rock n’ roll pap with a solid guitar solo, and “We’re All Water” is, well, a Yoko Ono classic:

We’re all water in this vast, vast ocean
Someday we’ll evaporate together.

Doesn’t get better than that lyrically, does it? If it were my choice, I think I’d like to have that written on my tombstone. They just don’t make music like this anymore.

…speaking of music they don’t make like this anymore, if you’re a Pink Floyd fan (and even if you’re not), hearing the last time the Floyd’s David Gilmour and Richard Wright performed their classic “Echoes” will simply make you shake your head. Do y’all selves a favor? Pour yourself a cocktail, turn off the lights, set the video to full, turn up the volume, and just lose yourself.

Ahh, Floyd. Would you mind if I added this to the list of music they don’t make anymore. It’s eerie, sad, and gorgeous all at the same time. Not to mention this? Richard Wright was truly an underrated member of the band.

Exactly. So which is it, liberals? You can’t have it both ways. But of course, that’s the way you play the game. I supported Serena Williams at the time – the official was being a jerk. And there’s Brett Kavanaugh expressing his disdain at Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who were gleefully dragging his reputation through the mud. So which is it, libs?

As I’ve always said, the problem with Democrats and liberals in general is that they simply are incapable of not overplaying the hand they’ve been given. What’s underscored in all of this Kavanaugh kerfluffle is that Senate Democrats have only themselves to blame. Which is why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the gift that keeps on giving. Well done, Harry.

Your agony is my joy.

So let me ask you this: if you had your choice of First Ladies and their choice of dress who would you choose?


The fact that liberals are bitching about Melania Trump’s choice of clothing while in Egypt boggles the mind. Not only are they vile and petty, they have no taste when it comes to what looks good on a woman. I’ll say it again – and happily – their agony is my joy.

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