October 2, 2018

A few items on an unusually dark, gloomy, and rainy Tuesday:

Congratulations to Team Europe on a magnificent performance at this year’s Ryder Cup. I’m as surprised as anyone at the rout they gave the Americans, but I guess I shouldn’t have been if I had read the tea leaves: the course at Le Golf National, Paris, France demanded accuracy both off the tee and from the fairways, and that’s just not how golf is played on the PGA Tour these days. By and large, the courses are set up for the players to hit the ball as far as they can and be able to have a shot no matter where they might end up. That’s not the game the Europeans are used to – because the courses are not as exquisitely manicured as the American courses are they know fairways and greens are the key to playing well.

…and can we be honest here? With the exception of Justin Thomas, Tony Finau, and Jordan Spieth, how many Americans do you really fins likeable? Personally, I look at the team and don’t see a whole lot of players who actually seem like they enjoy the whole Ryder Cup experience. Patrick Reed’s an ass, and I don’t think Bubba Watson, Tiger, and Dustin Johnson are that far removed. Phil Mickelson’s star has lost a lot of shine, in my opinion – I find it hard to root for him anymore. And the rest seem like a bunch of colorless, privileged country club types. Europe, on the other hand, just play with a kind of fearless joy that you can’t dislike. Run down the roster and tell me who you find unlikeable. They play as a team, and it’s a joy to watch.

…only 191 days until the opening round of the Masters.

This is not your father’s Democratic Party.

…and neither is this.

You have to wonder what the Democrats think they’re achieving with all their juvenile actions and hateful rhetoric. Honestly, these people have to be the most miserable people on the face of the earth. I hate to say it (actually I don’t) but who would want to vote for people who convey such hatred and negativity in everything they think, do, or say? I’m not saying they should have to agree with or side with President Trump and the Republicans as the opposition party. But why can’t they do so in a professional and classy way? Do they actually think their bitter and hateful behavior gets them votes? I believe in the end that voters want to vote for something that’s positive. Today’s Democratic Party has been consumed by hatred, and they wear it on their sleeves like the stench of death.

You want to know why I like President Trump? Just like Lincoln liked General Ulysses S. Grant: he fights.

Here’s a pretty damned fine tune by an ex-Beatle written by another ex-Beatle that hit the charts right about this time 45 years ago. Definitely a George tune, but Ringo getting by with a little help from his friend. And Jack Nitzsche’s string arrangement combined with Richard Perry’s production is something right out of the Phil Spector playbook. Stunning.

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