September 5, 2018

Because my Goodboys mate Goose asked for it in his comment on yesterday’s post, I’ll respond. But not directly to the first day of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, which in and of itself ought to show everyone by every reasonable doubt (how’s that for language a future Supreme Court justice would understand?) that the liberal left is – there’s no other term for it – batshit crazy:

It strikes me that the Democratic Party crossed a Rubicon of sorts today. They abandoned all norms not just of civility–something they purported to yearn for just a few days ago!–but of sanity. They deliberately turned a Senate confirmation hearing into a farce. There was no distinction between the howling left-wing mob that infiltrated the hearing room and the Senate Democrats.

Not long ago, some Democrats resisted the crazier fringes of their party. No longer. There is no daylight among the violent fascist group Antifa, the crazed Democratic activists bleating about impeachment, and the establishment Democratic Party. They are now one and the same. So, disgusting as today’s hearing was, it at least achieved some clarity. There is no longer any wing of the Democratic Party that can be described as sane.

Keep in mind, these are (supposedly) adults here, yet they’re acting like friggin’ idiots, worse than children. Talk about a total lack of self-awareness! Do they really think they accomplish any measure of sympathy for their cause by their actions? And the Democrat senators who allowed this circus to happen around them – even encouraging it – are no better.

What on God’s green earth has happened to the Democratic Party? I mean (and I offer this up to Democrats everywhere), is this what constitutes your Party’s leadership in the Senate? Elizabeth (“Fauxcahontus”) Warren? Richard (“Mr. Vietnam”) Blumenthal? Kamala Harris? Cory Booker? Diane (“Chinese Spy”) Feinstein? “Little Dick” Durbin? Chuck Schumer? I’m not saying there aren’t Republican senators that couldn’t blow a 0.8 on the intelligence scale if they tried, but at least they conduct themselves in a manner befitting their office. I truly doubt this does the Democrats any good when they, and their supporters, behave in this fashion on national television. What is their intent? Political theater? Donations from their base? If it’s designed to turn a Republican senator against Kavanaugh and therefore block his nomination, after today’s circus I highly doubt that to be likely.

And maybe that’s the problem: the whole idea of televising these hearing is not doing our Republic any good that I can see. Look, I’m all for governmental transparency. You want transparency? Release transcripts of the hearings immediately upon completion of the day’s session. The technology is there. We don’t need to see the histrionics, the playing to the camera, the rudeness, the circus that televising these kinds of things devolves into. Close the doors, tell the moron activists to take their collective acts out on the steps of the Capitol, instruct all senators to behave like grown-ups, and allow the hearings to serve the purpose they were designed for. I’ll bet you find that the process ends up going far more smoothly and professionally than if they were televised.

But to a larger point. And anyone who has Yahoo! for their main page will know what I’m talking about here. Maybe it’s just me, but increasingly I see the internet nothing more than a massive outrage-of-the-day gripe session for people who really and truly need to get a life. It could be something someone said, or wore, or wrote, or texted, or did, but Yahoo! appears to think it’s news when folks who have no life and undoubtedly live in glass houses critique, ridicule, badger, bitch about, or attack people for the most insignificant and moronic things. One need only to look at today’s Kavanaugh hearing: supposedly, some idiot was obsessed with some chick sitting behind the judge and swore that said chick had her hands arranged in a white-power symbol. Really?? And it got so bad that the poor woman’s husband had to go out on social media to refute the moron’s claim, knowing that a shitstorm of leftist lunacy is going to crash down on her, to the point where her car will probably get keyed and her life threatened.

Seriously. What on earth is going on here? What kind of people have we become? Is that’s what it’s all about now – personal destruction by social media if the mob detects any deviation from their own idea of what constitutes their idea of right and wrong? And who are these people anyway? Intellectual midgets who would be the first to express outrage if someone – anyone – were to investigate their own private lives. Do they think their own shit doesn’t stink? Any idiot can hide behind a computer and toss vile tweets or instagrams or whatever the frig these platforms call themselves. They’re nothing more than faceless, nameless bullies who spend their entire days looking to troll people and gin up outrage by hundreds, if not thousands of others, then crawl back under their collective rocks waiting for the next opportunity to pounce. And they do it with an evil glee, caring not one iota if and to what extent it harms.

These people are losers. With a capital “L”.

But that’s what we’ve come to as a society, I’m afraid. It seems worse than it’s ever been, but that’s only because Donald Trump serves as a lightning rod for social media. In some ways, he promotes it, to the good and the bad. But if anyone thinks that the end of Trump’s presidency (whenever it comes) is going to change anything, you’re dreaming. The genie is out of the bag. There will always be new targets of opportunity (most likely Republicans and conservatives, mostly) for these miserable cretins. The only good thing is that – primarily because of Trump – people are starting to fight back. If you saw some of the comments I get you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve gotten threats, but I respond back in no uncertain terms to go f**k themselves and go back to watching kiddie porn. That usually shuts them up.

In the grand scheme of things, none of this even matters. We all make a big deal out of it, but were you to your doctor and be told you have cancer, lose your job, get in a bad auto wreck, suffer a stroke, or all of a sudden have to take care of a sick child or parent, the whole social media thing is reduced to its true denominator. Social media, at its very core, is nothing more than wasted keystrokes for people with time and lives to waste. It’s a losers game played by losers and propagated by losers. Losers who actually think their opinions matter. Losers who think their comments can change the world because deep down they’re afraid that nothing else in their lives matters as much and that they, indeed, don’t matter.

Which, BTW, they don’t.

Think about it: count the number of people anyone either knows or cares about, say, from the 14th century. You can fit them all on a thimble. We’re all going the same way someday. You think your life has meaning? I got news for you – it doesn’t. Oh, it might for a while, or perhaps even for a generation or two. But after that? Who will you or I be one hundred years from now? Digitized pictures on some media device, perhaps, but not much more than that. Perhaps we think our lives will matter if we have children, but four generations down the line they’ll all be gone and forgotten as well. We are grains of sand on the beach. We are dust in the wind. All we have is today: our pasts are past, and, as Jim Morrison so famously sang, the future’s uncertain and the end is always near.

If folks want to social media their lives to death, that’s fine with me. But it all seems such a hideous waste of time and effort. But, as I’ve said in this space countless times, the liberal left has no god – the only religion they know is politics and their so-called gods of acceptance, tolerance, and diversity. None of which they practice, BTW – one look at their antics on display at the Kavanaugh hearing today will tell you that. Me? I can’t help but think just how shallow their lives to care so much about something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Any sane person knows that no one, let along Brett Kavanaugh is going to prevent them from seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or hear the rain falling all around them, or hear the trees rustle in a gentle breeze, or watch geese in flight, or hit golf balls, or make a child laugh, or make love to a beautiful woman (or handsome man), or make someone’s day with a smile or a kind thought. There’s so much more in life, and all these people do is try to suck whatever joy out of it they can. And that’s what makes them soulless, asshole losers.

Avoid them at all cost, lest you find yourself losing your soul along with theirs.

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September 4, 2018

A game-changer for theologian and Church history if true. 🙂

While so much attention was focused on John McCain’s funeral, Aretha Franklin’s turned out to be pretty God-awful as well. More Trump-bashing, breast-grabbing, and the kind of truly-inclusive audience only the Left could appreciate: vile racists and lecherous old rapists. I’m not sure Aretha would have been happy at that. Smokey Robinson sure wasn’t.

Taken together, the two funerals just underscore the fact that everything is now politicized. And the folks responsible for arranging both events ought to be ashamed of themselves. There was plenty about John McCain’s life, and certainly Aretha’s, to be celebrated. But this is what happens when the Left gets desperate – they’re like the child at the supermarket taking the greatest tantrum until everyone is forced to notice them. As Michael Walsh writes:

As the fall elections approach, it’s clear that the Left side of the aisle is getting nuttier by the day. The public spectacles of the two funerals, Aretha Franklin’s and John McCain’s, brought forth the usual characters from our long-running American sitcom-cum-political soap opera, including a lecherous Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan in Detroit; and the leading lights of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party, including George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Lieberman, in Washington, almost all of whom seemed not to have the dearly departed on their minds, but their bete noire in the White House, Donald Trump. Old feuds, such as that between Bush and McCain, were forgotten as, like Marc Antony over the bleeding corpse of Julius Caesar, they delivered their orations designed not so much to praise McCain but to bury Trump.

When even funerals are politicized — and let’s face it, McCain got the ball rolling on that score well before his death — then we have come to the end of Civility Road, for there is literally nothing sacred any more, even on the secular Left. But this is what happens when your entire world revolves around politics, and the politics of the moment are not going your way. When all you believe in is a quasi-religious ideology then you are going to be frequently frustrated when their Satan beats your God every few years. By investing every bit of psychic and emotional and misplaced spiritual energy into something as definitionally changeable as who occupies the White House, you are doomed to perpetual frustration.

Hat tip: Instapundit

Why is the that the Left are the ones that equate African-Americans with monkeys? As the saying goes, only dogs hear dog whistles.

Leave it to the great Victor Davis Hanson to tell it like it is on this Labor Day – quite different than what you’ll hear on the mind-numbing and brain-frying cable news networks:

I am now on a brief annual teaching stint at Hillsdale College in southern Michigan, in one of the poorer areas of the state. Here, too, things strike the stranger as far better than they were five years ago. There are more factory jobs in this greater automotive circumference. The food lines seem shorter, people more confident. There are more roads being paved, houses painted, and stores spruced up.

Abroad, for all the hatred of Donald Trump, there is a quiet, though usually repressed, recognition that the United States is doing what it long should have been doing—leading the world to an economic recovery, despite Trump’s trash-talking tariffs, and going to the mat with China. Critics concede that China is culpable of all sorts of trade violations. They add in the past that nothing much worked to persuade them to follow the global norms of currency, labor, environmental, and safety regulations, as well as copyright and patent laws. And while they abhor tariffs, they nonetheless have no ideas otherwise how to nudge China to follow the rules of global citizenship.

For all the op-eds condemning a polarizing Trump who has wrecked American foreign policy, there are also more silent concessions among many analysts that the team of Mike Pompeo, Jim Mattis, John Bolton, and Nikki Haley is impressive. They are more likely than imagined alternatives to stop any more Iranian nonsense on the seas of the Persian Gulf, or tune out the periodic ultimatums of the Palestinians, or take seriously the nuclear threats of North Korea, or get tough when Putin deserves tough treatment—and they have the will and, increasingly, the means to do what they say. The policy is to be ready for a fight, but neither to prompt nor to welcome one. For Trump, who values ratings and money most of all, wars can quickly lose viewers and cost too much.

In sum, we are witnessing one of the great ironies of the modern age. Minorities who are not Trump supporters are doing better under Trump than any past president, liberal or conservative. Environmentalists who despise him know that America has become more effective than its green European critics in reducing carbon emissions, largely through the breakneck production of natural gas. Diplomats who loathe Trump find their good cop talk and soft power has more resonance once it is backed up by a better military, a better national security team, and an unpredictable commander-in-chief who might just be capable of doing anything at any time to anyone anywhere in the defense of American interests and sovereignty.

NeverTrump legal scholars are perplexed that never has a Republican president appointed so many qualified judges and seen them confirmed so quickly. They wonder how that could be so, without at least one David Souter or Harriet Miers. They despair that it might become true that a president who enlists the best and brightest of the “you can’t dare do that” administrative state and the revolving Washington and New York diplomatic and financial elite, is a president who will be rendered inert.

How can things be getting concretely better than they were during the Obama years when expert opinion insists things are getting worse?

Read the whole thing and be amazed.

Nike is about to find out the hard way that Republicans and conservatives buy sneakers too. I guarantee this will not end well.

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September 3, 2018

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the John McCain funeral yesterday – the mainstream media coverage this past week has been so over the top and revealed to be nothing more than an excuse to go on a 24/7 orgy of Trump-bashing that I just wanted the guy put away dry so we could all finally move on with our lives. It sure sounds like it set the right tone as far as ol’ Maverick would have wanted it: petty and and political to the end. Candace Owens is right: the fact that his family insisted on turning a funeral that could – and should – have been an uplifting celebration of the man’s life into a political bash-fest says more about the man than himself than anything else.

I’ll say this: it seemed to cap off perfectly John McCain’s life, both as a person and a politician.

Now that ol’ Mav is in his final resting place, here’s hoping his cheap-shot artist, petty daughter will now disappear from the national scene. After all, without the Daddy-direct line of communication there doesn’t appear any further compelling reason for “The View” (or anyone else, for that matter), to keep her around. I guarantee it’s not her intelligence or talent for incisive and entertaining repartee that has kept her around this long: she’s barely – and I do mean barely – one step above the equally-insufferable Chelsea Clinton.

…Say, that’s an idea: have Meghan and Chelsea co-host their own cable network talk show. They can call it “The Insufferables”!

It occurs to me that Breitbart’s Virgil is absolutely right: there was more to the funeral than that of just John McCain, it was the funeral of the globalist war party, of which McCain was an enthusiastic, charter member:

Yes, in the Establishment’s collective mentality, the good old days were the time when the U.S. border was open, when trade deals were easy, and foreign wars were being fought.

The Establishment, of course, never cared that, as a result, social chaos was increasing, wages were declining, regions were de-industrializing, and young Heartlanders—not Establishmentarians, of course—were getting killed and maimed overseas. So when Meghan McCain defined those days as “greatness,” well, that was what the Establishmentarians came to hear. She was patting the big shots on the back, and they were glad for the pat. And John McCain, of course, was the champion of that sort of Beltway bonhomie—and, especially, the bipartisan “fun” of foreign wars.

…Yet Virgil was particularly struck by a string of tweets from Michael Tracey, an independent journalist of notable independence:

This funeral was one last demonstration of McCain’s belief in “bipartisanship” for its own sake. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re “working together.” Just so happens that McCain’s primary “bipartisan” initiative was endless war.

That seemed like a funeral not so much for McCain, but for an ideology which had once sustained America’s imperial hegemony, and is now on the way out.

Some of those last few words deserve a second look: “Seemed like a funeral not so much for McCain, but for an ideology which had once sustained America’s imperial hegemony, and is now on the way out.”

Tracey’s argument is that McCain-style “neoconservatism,” which can be summed up as invade the world, invite the world, is now a goner. While the Establishment—including plenty of Democrats—loves it, most Americans don’t.

In fact, it’s not surprising that imperial grandiosity plays well in blue Washington, DC, and in New York City; after all, it’s fun to get rich and noble from imperialism. What’s less fun is to be a legionary from some red state, slogging it out in a hostile land, all for the sake of someone else’s ideological empire.

The America people, of course, have always had the power to put a stop to all this grandiose globalism, if and when they choose to exercise that power at the ballot box. Finally, in 2016, they did. That was the story of Donald Trump, who romped through the Republican primaries, and then to the White House.

And it was also the story of the 2016 Democratic primaries, when Sen. Bernie Sanders nearly defeated Hillary Clinton for the nomination. (Interestingly, Sanders was also not in attendance for the McCain service, although, of course, Hillary was there; she was sitting right by another foreign-war enthusiast, Dick Cheney.) Moreover, since 2016, there’s plenty of evidence that the populist anti-Establishment rebellion is continuing, in both parties.

So yes, Tracey has a point: The Establishment will cheer for Meghan McCain, and its handmaidens in the MSM were happy to make the whole of last week into a McCain Mediathon. And yet at the same time, the Establishment is deathly afraid that it can’t put the old humpty-dumpty back together. It fears that the American people won’t get fooled again; no more will they let themselves get conned by the neocons. John McCain really is gone.

The amount of American blood these people have on their hands is nothing short of astounding. And to hear the likes of Barack Obama and Meghan McCain criticize Donald Trump, a president who is thinking outside the box in order to prevent the loss of more American blood is the absolute height of irony. But that’s OK: as Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker writes:

What can we conclude if there is a funeral for Person A, and the “eulogies” are mostly about Person B? For one thing, Person B is obviously a heck of a lot more important than Person A. John McCain was heroic in some ways, notoriously small-minded in others. It is perhaps a fitting coda to his career that his funeral was mostly about someone else.

Indeed. I’ll pray your soul rests in peace, John McCain, but you did yourself and your reputation no favors by allowing the mainstream media to turn your passing into nothing more than a Trump-bashing orgy of self-indulgence. Clearly both you and the mainstream media, whose favor you incessantly coveted throughout your political career, deserved each other.

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September 1, 2018

Gonna be a busy weekend around the house as I’ll be cleaning and rearranging my office bookcases and clearing out stuff I know longer need. The local weather folk have announced the unofficial end to the 2018 monsoon season which, besides that one night where we got a 2 1/2 inch deluge in the space of the hour, was nothing more than dust, dust, and more dust. In the meantime…

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, example 1,210,676: first they came for the animal crackers box, then they… Do you think these PETA clowns understood that the animals released from their painted cages weren’t real?

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, example 1,210,677: honestly, folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Just take a look at the headline and the picture. How dumb can one be?

Can you imagine the shakedowns that would have been taking place if Madame Shrew had been elected president?

Good for Serena. She’s damned good at tennis, of course, but girl sure knows how to make a statement, doesn’t she?

That fox grabbing the golf ball is cool, but how about that shot over a bunker to leave it tight?

Once you get past Labor Day it is officially election season, almost time for me to start checking in with my own version of “Deep Throat”, an acquaintance who has, let’s just say, connections to the highest levels of the GOP national party organization. He/she didn’t steer me wrong in 2016, and I’m sure he’ll/she’ll take care of me for the 2018 midterms. We’ve been casually chatting for the past few months after he/she read one of posts associated with “The Client Who Shall Remain Nameless” and was concerned for my safety and well-being. If I get any insights into the November midterms I’ll pass it along. But one thing he/she firmly believes is that there is not going to be a “Blue Wave” this November. His/her feeling – at this time – is that it might actually be a small to moderate “Red Wave” but it’s way too early to tell – too much could happen on the international front between now and then.

…But this column from The Hill seems to bear out some of the things he/she has told me. It’s going to be an interesting two months.

Once we get into September, my musical tastes for some reason start leaning towards Gordon Lightfoot. If you want some great classic Gord – besides the usual stuff you hear on the radio – you can’t do better than this, this, or this.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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