September 5, 2018

Because my Goodboys mate Goose asked for it in his comment on yesterday’s post, I’ll respond. But not directly to the first day of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, which in and of itself ought to show everyone by every reasonable doubt (how’s that for language a future Supreme Court justice would understand?) that the liberal left is – there’s no other term for it – batshit crazy:

It strikes me that the Democratic Party crossed a Rubicon of sorts today. They abandoned all norms not just of civility–something they purported to yearn for just a few days ago!–but of sanity. They deliberately turned a Senate confirmation hearing into a farce. There was no distinction between the howling left-wing mob that infiltrated the hearing room and the Senate Democrats.

Not long ago, some Democrats resisted the crazier fringes of their party. No longer. There is no daylight among the violent fascist group Antifa, the crazed Democratic activists bleating about impeachment, and the establishment Democratic Party. They are now one and the same. So, disgusting as today’s hearing was, it at least achieved some clarity. There is no longer any wing of the Democratic Party that can be described as sane.

Keep in mind, these are (supposedly) adults here, yet they’re acting like friggin’ idiots, worse than children. Talk about a total lack of self-awareness! Do they really think they accomplish any measure of sympathy for their cause by their actions? And the Democrat senators who allowed this circus to happen around them – even encouraging it – are no better.

What on God’s green earth has happened to the Democratic Party? I mean (and I offer this up to Democrats everywhere), is this what constitutes your Party’s leadership in the Senate? Elizabeth (“Fauxcahontus”) Warren? Richard (“Mr. Vietnam”) Blumenthal? Kamala Harris? Cory Booker? Diane (“Chinese Spy”) Feinstein? “Little Dick” Durbin? Chuck Schumer? I’m not saying there aren’t Republican senators that couldn’t blow a 0.8 on the intelligence scale if they tried, but at least they conduct themselves in a manner befitting their office. I truly doubt this does the Democrats any good when they, and their supporters, behave in this fashion on national television. What is their intent? Political theater? Donations from their base? If it’s designed to turn a Republican senator against Kavanaugh and therefore block his nomination, after today’s circus I highly doubt that to be likely.

And maybe that’s the problem: the whole idea of televising these hearing is not doing our Republic any good that I can see. Look, I’m all for governmental transparency. You want transparency? Release transcripts of the hearings immediately upon completion of the day’s session. The technology is there. We don’t need to see the histrionics, the playing to the camera, the rudeness, the circus that televising these kinds of things devolves into. Close the doors, tell the moron activists to take their collective acts out on the steps of the Capitol, instruct all senators to behave like grown-ups, and allow the hearings to serve the purpose they were designed for. I’ll bet you find that the process ends up going far more smoothly and professionally than if they were televised.

But to a larger point. And anyone who has Yahoo! for their main page will know what I’m talking about here. Maybe it’s just me, but increasingly I see the internet nothing more than a massive outrage-of-the-day gripe session for people who really and truly need to get a life. It could be something someone said, or wore, or wrote, or texted, or did, but Yahoo! appears to think it’s news when folks who have no life and undoubtedly live in glass houses critique, ridicule, badger, bitch about, or attack people for the most insignificant and moronic things. One need only to look at today’s Kavanaugh hearing: supposedly, some idiot was obsessed with some chick sitting behind the judge and swore that said chick had her hands arranged in a white-power symbol. Really?? And it got so bad that the poor woman’s husband had to go out on social media to refute the moron’s claim, knowing that a shitstorm of leftist lunacy is going to crash down on her, to the point where her car will probably get keyed and her life threatened.

Seriously. What on earth is going on here? What kind of people have we become? Is that’s what it’s all about now – personal destruction by social media if the mob detects any deviation from their own idea of what constitutes their idea of right and wrong? And who are these people anyway? Intellectual midgets who would be the first to express outrage if someone – anyone – were to investigate their own private lives. Do they think their own shit doesn’t stink? Any idiot can hide behind a computer and toss vile tweets or instagrams or whatever the frig these platforms call themselves. They’re nothing more than faceless, nameless bullies who spend their entire days looking to troll people and gin up outrage by hundreds, if not thousands of others, then crawl back under their collective rocks waiting for the next opportunity to pounce. And they do it with an evil glee, caring not one iota if and to what extent it harms.

These people are losers. With a capital “L”.

But that’s what we’ve come to as a society, I’m afraid. It seems worse than it’s ever been, but that’s only because Donald Trump serves as a lightning rod for social media. In some ways, he promotes it, to the good and the bad. But if anyone thinks that the end of Trump’s presidency (whenever it comes) is going to change anything, you’re dreaming. The genie is out of the bag. There will always be new targets of opportunity (most likely Republicans and conservatives, mostly) for these miserable cretins. The only good thing is that – primarily because of Trump – people are starting to fight back. If you saw some of the comments I get you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve gotten threats, but I respond back in no uncertain terms to go f**k themselves and go back to watching kiddie porn. That usually shuts them up.

In the grand scheme of things, none of this even matters. We all make a big deal out of it, but were you to your doctor and be told you have cancer, lose your job, get in a bad auto wreck, suffer a stroke, or all of a sudden have to take care of a sick child or parent, the whole social media thing is reduced to its true denominator. Social media, at its very core, is nothing more than wasted keystrokes for people with time and lives to waste. It’s a losers game played by losers and propagated by losers. Losers who actually think their opinions matter. Losers who think their comments can change the world because deep down they’re afraid that nothing else in their lives matters as much and that they, indeed, don’t matter.

Which, BTW, they don’t.

Think about it: count the number of people anyone either knows or cares about, say, from the 14th century. You can fit them all on a thimble. We’re all going the same way someday. You think your life has meaning? I got news for you – it doesn’t. Oh, it might for a while, or perhaps even for a generation or two. But after that? Who will you or I be one hundred years from now? Digitized pictures on some media device, perhaps, but not much more than that. Perhaps we think our lives will matter if we have children, but four generations down the line they’ll all be gone and forgotten as well. We are grains of sand on the beach. We are dust in the wind. All we have is today: our pasts are past, and, as Jim Morrison so famously sang, the future’s uncertain and the end is always near.

If folks want to social media their lives to death, that’s fine with me. But it all seems such a hideous waste of time and effort. But, as I’ve said in this space countless times, the liberal left has no god – the only religion they know is politics and their so-called gods of acceptance, tolerance, and diversity. None of which they practice, BTW – one look at their antics on display at the Kavanaugh hearing today will tell you that. Me? I can’t help but think just how shallow their lives to care so much about something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Any sane person knows that no one, let along Brett Kavanaugh is going to prevent them from seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or hear the rain falling all around them, or hear the trees rustle in a gentle breeze, or watch geese in flight, or hit golf balls, or make a child laugh, or make love to a beautiful woman (or handsome man), or make someone’s day with a smile or a kind thought. There’s so much more in life, and all these people do is try to suck whatever joy out of it they can. And that’s what makes them soulless, asshole losers.

Avoid them at all cost, lest you find yourself losing your soul along with theirs.

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