September 3, 2018

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the John McCain funeral yesterday – the mainstream media coverage this past week has been so over the top and revealed to be nothing more than an excuse to go on a 24/7 orgy of Trump-bashing that I just wanted the guy put away dry so we could all finally move on with our lives. It sure sounds like it set the right tone as far as ol’ Maverick would have wanted it: petty and and political to the end. Candace Owens is right: the fact that his family insisted on turning a funeral that could – and should – have been an uplifting celebration of the man’s life into a political bash-fest says more about the man than himself than anything else.

I’ll say this: it seemed to cap off perfectly John McCain’s life, both as a person and a politician.

Now that ol’ Mav is in his final resting place, here’s hoping his cheap-shot artist, petty daughter will now disappear from the national scene. After all, without the Daddy-direct line of communication there doesn’t appear any further compelling reason for “The View” (or anyone else, for that matter), to keep her around. I guarantee it’s not her intelligence or talent for incisive and entertaining repartee that has kept her around this long: she’s barely – and I do mean barely – one step above the equally-insufferable Chelsea Clinton.

…Say, that’s an idea: have Meghan and Chelsea co-host their own cable network talk show. They can call it “The Insufferables”!

It occurs to me that Breitbart’s Virgil is absolutely right: there was more to the funeral than that of just John McCain, it was the funeral of the globalist war party, of which McCain was an enthusiastic, charter member:

Yes, in the Establishment’s collective mentality, the good old days were the time when the U.S. border was open, when trade deals were easy, and foreign wars were being fought.

The Establishment, of course, never cared that, as a result, social chaos was increasing, wages were declining, regions were de-industrializing, and young Heartlanders—not Establishmentarians, of course—were getting killed and maimed overseas. So when Meghan McCain defined those days as “greatness,” well, that was what the Establishmentarians came to hear. She was patting the big shots on the back, and they were glad for the pat. And John McCain, of course, was the champion of that sort of Beltway bonhomie—and, especially, the bipartisan “fun” of foreign wars.

…Yet Virgil was particularly struck by a string of tweets from Michael Tracey, an independent journalist of notable independence:

This funeral was one last demonstration of McCain’s belief in “bipartisanship” for its own sake. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re “working together.” Just so happens that McCain’s primary “bipartisan” initiative was endless war.

That seemed like a funeral not so much for McCain, but for an ideology which had once sustained America’s imperial hegemony, and is now on the way out.

Some of those last few words deserve a second look: “Seemed like a funeral not so much for McCain, but for an ideology which had once sustained America’s imperial hegemony, and is now on the way out.”

Tracey’s argument is that McCain-style “neoconservatism,” which can be summed up as invade the world, invite the world, is now a goner. While the Establishment—including plenty of Democrats—loves it, most Americans don’t.

In fact, it’s not surprising that imperial grandiosity plays well in blue Washington, DC, and in New York City; after all, it’s fun to get rich and noble from imperialism. What’s less fun is to be a legionary from some red state, slogging it out in a hostile land, all for the sake of someone else’s ideological empire.

The America people, of course, have always had the power to put a stop to all this grandiose globalism, if and when they choose to exercise that power at the ballot box. Finally, in 2016, they did. That was the story of Donald Trump, who romped through the Republican primaries, and then to the White House.

And it was also the story of the 2016 Democratic primaries, when Sen. Bernie Sanders nearly defeated Hillary Clinton for the nomination. (Interestingly, Sanders was also not in attendance for the McCain service, although, of course, Hillary was there; she was sitting right by another foreign-war enthusiast, Dick Cheney.) Moreover, since 2016, there’s plenty of evidence that the populist anti-Establishment rebellion is continuing, in both parties.

So yes, Tracey has a point: The Establishment will cheer for Meghan McCain, and its handmaidens in the MSM were happy to make the whole of last week into a McCain Mediathon. And yet at the same time, the Establishment is deathly afraid that it can’t put the old humpty-dumpty back together. It fears that the American people won’t get fooled again; no more will they let themselves get conned by the neocons. John McCain really is gone.

The amount of American blood these people have on their hands is nothing short of astounding. And to hear the likes of Barack Obama and Meghan McCain criticize Donald Trump, a president who is thinking outside the box in order to prevent the loss of more American blood is the absolute height of irony. But that’s OK: as Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker writes:

What can we conclude if there is a funeral for Person A, and the “eulogies” are mostly about Person B? For one thing, Person B is obviously a heck of a lot more important than Person A. John McCain was heroic in some ways, notoriously small-minded in others. It is perhaps a fitting coda to his career that his funeral was mostly about someone else.

Indeed. I’ll pray your soul rests in peace, John McCain, but you did yourself and your reputation no favors by allowing the mainstream media to turn your passing into nothing more than a Trump-bashing orgy of self-indulgence. Clearly both you and the mainstream media, whose favor you incessantly coveted throughout your political career, deserved each other.

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