August 28, 2018

Yes, I’m going to go there, so if any of y’all snowflakes can’t stand the idea of someone breaking with the elitist mainstream media slob-fest over Arizona’s beloved so-called “Maverick”, you can stop reading right here.

First, let me state that sincere condolences go out to Senator McCain’s family. He was diagnosed with an awful disease that had to have broken the hearts of those whom he loved and loved him in return. No one wishes cancer on anyone, and the fact that he hung on as long as he did must have been both heart-breaking and heart-warming to his family and loved ones at the very same time. He is commended to have put up the brave fight for as long as he did, and he is to be commended for it.

That being said, enough with the over-the-top, fawning and slobbering over the Senator’s passing by the mainstream media. The fact is, they hated him during his run for the presidency against Saint Barack Obama and did everything they could to paint “Maverick” and his campaign in a negative light. You can look up the stories yourselves: he was a warmonger, a lover of conservative causes, he rolled over to conservatives who pushed back against his (and others) attempt at “comprehensive immigration reform” (a.k.a., full amnesty for illegal aliens) when that couldn’t get passed, and he was ridiculed for suspending his campaign when the stock market crash happened. And who can forget the barbs and ridicule he received after choosing Sarah Palin as his VP?

After all, when you get Democratic socialists – of all people – praising Senator McCain at his passing, you know something is up. I’ll at least give these clowns credit: at least their true to their values.

Can we all be honest here? The only – and I mean the only reason the media has its hankies out in droves over Maverick’s passing is – you guessed it – the disdain he felt for President Trump. In that regard, Maverick’s legacy and the mainstream media are two peas in a pod. They both hated and hate Donald Trump in a visceral way, and the fact that Maverick got the last word in on his feud with President Trump only cemented the media’s commitment to making sure that – and in the spirit of his buddy Ted Kennedy, his supposed “happy warrior” legacy (which, BTW, is nothing but bullshit) – would be the focus of their non-stop coverage.

The fact is, the only thing John McCain loved more than being a six-term senator with all the perks and privileges that went along with it was the camera. It was the media and their cameras and coverage that moved him, not some underlying personal and political philosophy. Whatever and wherever got him the most publicity, that’s where he and his so-called “maverick” philosophy went. You want proof? In his last campaign, he made repeal and replace of Obamacare the focal point of his campaign. Yet, when the time came to cast the deciding vote, it was out of spite to Donald Trump that he voted against said repeal and replace.

And, oh by the way, that was the last time he represented Arizona voters in the Senate. Rather than doing the honorable thing and step aside, he chose to hang on to the bitter end. Why? Because that would mean sailing off and out of the limelight. And being out of the limelight is something Maverick would never allow to happen.

I’ll leave John McCain’s military and political career to others to honor and evaluate. All I’m saying is the mainstream media’s deification and overblown coverage of the senator’s passing is nothing more than their way of gleefully attacking Donald Trump. They despised Senator McCain when he ran for president and bashed him whenever his political whims diverged from theirs, but they sure do love him now and mourn his passing because of their shared hatred of President Trump.

John McCain loved the media spotlight. And in his death the media is now giving him what he always sought above all else.

And in that odd, symbiotic way, I think they kind of deserve each other.

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