June 23, 2018

This article by Patricia McCarthy at the American Thinker does a better job of explaining something I’ve been saying all along:

The rage and fury of the left today are astonishing. Conservatives hated every moment of the Obama presidency and the damage his administration did, but not one of import ever behaved in the manner the leftists do today. There is something so aberrant about the left now. Is this who these people always were in ever-repeating generations? No. Never before was the left so vitriolic.

The most curious aspect of the left’s malice is how incendiary it is among people of a certain age – that would be those of us old enough to know better! The old meme that we mellow with age does not apply to the likes of Robert De Niro or Peter Fonda. These men, like so many others of their ilk, have reverted to being the worst of ignorant childhood bullies. Think Animal Farm. As for the women like [Kathy] Griffin and [Samantha] Bee? They are the ultimate examples of the evils that feminism wrought: unrelenting anger at real men. They loved Obama precisely because he was never a real man, certainly not for those of us of a certain age. He was and remains the perfect pajama boy of his Obamacare dream, a feminized, immature, 98-pound weakling, in mind, body, and spirit.

Like I’ve always said about the left – and that goes for the majority of liberals and Democrats – is that they don’t know when to stop. Even if (and it’s becoming almost impossible to find an example nowadays because their hatred for Trump, well, trumps everything else) they have a good idea, it’s never enough to just put it out there for debate. Everything has to be shoved down your throat like a forkful of mashed spuds. And if you happen to disagree with them, well, you’re a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe or a Nazi.

I’ve talked about the three-legged stool of the religion that liberalism is – diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, and how liberals are only tolerant, diverse, and accepting as long as you hold their views and think the way they think. And the difference between the left and the right in the way they handle differences of opinion these days is astonishing. When Barack Obama was president you never saw conservatives in Hollywood threatening to kill him or harm his family. You never saw anywhere near the level of freak-out you’re seeing on the left, and it appears to be getting worse. The left has always embraced fascism and the idea that the ends justify the means, but they’ve usually been fairly successful in keeping their true agenda under wraps. It appears that is no longer the case. McCarthy continues:

We are in fact a divided nation, the mature and immature, the civil and uncivil, the decent and the indecent. We are divided between those who love this country and those who hate it. Our leftists are Marxist globalists who want to see America destroyed or at least transformed from the inside, as Khrushchev predicted fifty years ago that it would be. The Marxists have won in academe. They have won over the Democratic Party completely. Pelosi, Schumer, et al. are on board with flooding the U.S. with illiterate migrants, numbers of them criminals, to satisfy their anti-American ideology. They and their agenda should be shunned by all Americans with a modicum of common sense.

Personally, I think what’s really freaking the left out these days is that they’re finally coming to the realization that President Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. It was always a fairy-tale that he was going to be impeached. Now the reality that Robert Mueller’s investigation isn’t going to have Trump or anyone around him led away in chains is starting to set in, as is the understanding that the American people are (for lack of a better term) “getting used” to Trump’s persona and his “America First” agenda. They see large cracks starting to appear in their historic hold on African-Americans as a loyal voting bloc as folks like Kanye West and Candace Owens start speaking their own form of “truth to power”, so like a snake cornered they are lashing out in their anger and frustration. And as that anger and frustration grow, it become more unhinged. As McCarthy closes:

The left today is vicious beyond reason and dangerous. They are purposefully trying to incite violence against the president and his family. They are appealing to the craziest, most mentally deranged among us. They are hoping for an assassination. If it happens, as when Steve Scalise was so injured, they celebrate. It is who they are. Odious. They have descended into the abyss of revulsion from which they are not likely to recover any time soon. We need to fight back as conservatives have never before fought back. This left needs to be repudiated.

And conservatives are finally starting to fight back. What is different now is that Donald Trump is president. And not only is he unafraid to express his love for this country, its history, laws, and traditions, he’s not afraid to punch back twice as hard when previous Republicans and conservatives would cower and run away and hide. Trump is used to the rough-and-tumble of New York and New Jersey real estate politics, and his massive ego actually embraces the same when it comes to national politics.

General George Patton once said that Americans love winners and despise losing more than anything. What is truly freaking out the left is that they see Trump winning and the Democrats message for the midterms – open borders, more illegal immigration, a return to Obamacare, repeal of the Trump tax cuts and higher taxes – as a losing message unable to gain a foothold amongst mid-term voters. They see their party leadership in the hands of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as ineffective and a joke. And as the idea of a massive “blue wave” recedes and the prospects of Republican gains in both the Senate and, perhaps, even the House, improve, the liberal left is being marginalized to their own wacko extremes. Not exactly a winning message for traditional left-of-center Democrats and Independents.

Expect things to get worse as the mid-terms draw nearer.

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