June 20, 2018

A few thoughts about stuff.

As the media slobbers over the separation of illegal immigrant families who try to pass into the U.S. unlawfully – yeah, keep it up, Democrats, that’s a winning issue to run on – the Trump administration isn’t afraid one bit to unleash the hounds against Iran. I’ve always said in this space that the oriental (and here I’m referring to “the East” as opposed to “the West”) mind has always respected the fastest horse. They understand – and respect – President Trump far more than our insufferable, wet-nursed mainstream media does. Believe me, if you don’t think the mullahs in Iran don’t see what’s coming their way, you don’t understand Theodore Roosevelt’s “big stick” ideology in a 21st century setting. Donald Trump is the closest thing we’ve ever had to Teddy, and the world is going to be drastically and irrevocably changed because of it.

You want to talk about families being separated? OK, let’s talk about separating families.

…or the estimated 58.5 million babies separated from their mothers – permanently – since Roe vs. Wade.

…so excuse me for my lack of compassion for people who come here, knowingly and willingly putting their children at risk knowing that they are committing an illegal act.

Strange, I don’t remember Democrats making such a fuss about this when Barack Obama was president and you-know-who was Secretary of State. Their gall and hypocrisy knows no bounds. But like I’ve always said, Democrats don’t give shit about anything except power and getting elected. African-Americans used to be their identity group du jour, now they’re fawning over the Hispanics and transgenders. Anything for a vote.

It’s looking like an awesome pennant race between the Red Sox and the Yankees, doesn’t it? Be interesting to see what both teams do at the July 31 trading deadline.

Can we all agree that Director James Comey’s FBI was a cesspool of political activism on behalf of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? It’s really a disgrace that Madame Hillary was given a pass for her private server, e-mails, and reckless disregard for classified information because of partisan politics. The law ought to be the law. Mark my words, this is going to end up in Barack Obama’s Oval Office. And what is being uncovered here will make Richard Nixon and Watergate look like shoplifting gummy bears out of a candy store. This is going to change Washington and the way business is done there forever.

I guarantee you Robert Mueller has had enough and is going to be looking for a face-saving out to wrap his bogus investigation up by the end of July. Right around the MLB trading deadline.

Fifty years ago this instrumental hit the American charts for the first time. I loved it then, love it now. A very interesting arrangement with swooping strings and cool vocal work. It’s truly one of my “life songs” – a song that takes me back to innocent times, our families vacationing up at Lake Ossipee (or was it Molly’s cabin?) and a time when everyone and everything was young and alive. It’s all gone, gone forever.

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