May 26, 2018

In keeping with Memorial Day and the remembrance of our veterans who lived and fought and died so that we could cook hamburgers and hot dogs and hit golf ball and do whatever it is folks do on a Memorial Day weekend, a few thoughts and comments:

Simply put, the TaylorMade M2 irons I got are beyond sweet: they’re the best clubs I’ve ever hit in my life. They’re long, they’re forgiving, they look great: the ones I have have battleship gray graphite shafts with psychedelic green highlights. The 7-iron I tested out at Golf & Ski had black graphite shafts, but these are much more handsome. And better yet – me and the 5-iron made friends right from the start with a high, straight trajectory that went 170 yards by the time it stopped. Exactly what I have been looking for in a 5-iron since my hybrids are so iffy at times. I love these clubs!

it’s not even a friggin’ hurricane, for gawdsakes! Where are the days when men were men? My over-under for the number of patio chairs turned over my the storm is 72, and I’m sticking to it.

But, but, what about Russia?

CNN sucks.

I was never a Hanley Ramirez fan, so the Sox designating him for assignment doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is Jackie Bradley Jr. looking up at the Mendoza line this late in the season. I love the guy, but I get the sense he’s not very coachable. The Sox can afford to carry his bat because of his defense, but jeepers, the guy has to start hitting soon, doesn’t he?

Joe Biden is nothing more than a child groping, plagiarist, over-the-hill ass. That being said (and I have no proof of this, so take it for what you will), if the Clintons hadn’t threatened to have him end up in a body bag if he contested Hillary he would have gotten the Democratic nomination for President and would have won in a landslide. I still remember seeing the news on CNN after I played golf with my Goodboys friends back in late October of 2015, thinking that Biden’s announced withdrawal just handed Donald Trump the presidency.

It will come out that the Obama administration planted spies in the Trump campaign. It will come out that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted on felonies relating to her e-mail serve and her handling of classified information. And James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan are all going to be indicted as well. The whole “Spygate” scandal will go down in as the greatest scandal in American political history. Mark my words.

And to think, this b**ch could have been the President of the United States. Words can’t describe just how repulsive Clinton is, but Democrats eat her up. Why? You tell me. I have one word for Hilary and her sore-loser campaign: W-I-s-c-o-n-s-i-n. Just like sore-loser Al Gore back in 2000 blamed the Republicans, the Supreme Court, and everyone but himself for not winning his home state of Tennessee, which would have rendered the whole Florida thing moot.

My God bless our veterans and their sacrifices in fighting the fights that had to be fought. You are never far from our thoughts.

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