May 2, 2018

Are the 14-hour days about to end? Maybe drop down to, say, only 12-hour days? We’ll see tomorrow. We’ve got a big roundtable discussion with the team to see if we’re ready to begin the last glorious phase of getting “The Client Who Shall Remain Nameless” in a halfway decent state, or whether we might have discovered another hidden landmine that could set us back again. There are a lot of moving parts in play, I’m hoping for the best. In the meantime:

Is it the end of CDs as we know when it comes to playing music in my car? Well, I just downloaded a ton of surf onto my iPhone 6E and ordered a couple of aux cables for use in the car. If this works out, who knows what I can accomplish? Talk about entering the 21st century!

I can see how people spend weekends (if not weeks) organizing all their music on their iPhones. I’ve got a ton of it here in the home machine. This isn’t anything you just want to jump through in haste; you really need to think about how you want to organize your music and get used to how it is all organized so it all makes some sense. We’ll see how it goes.

So there I was, on a call on Monday with some big-wigs down at “TCWSRN”, when all of a sudden, two baby mourning doves flew right in front of my home office window and landed atop the east wall. Then momma dove comes over, and they all just kind of vegged out for a few minutes before all three disappeared. I went outside, checked the planter by the house, and sure enough, the nest was vacated. It just made me feel so privileged to watch nature in action. On Tuesday the runt of the litter was back in the nest just hanging out, then today the two babies and momma dove were back, the babies frantically taking nourishment from their momma before flying away again. They’re obvious strong and good fliers; I hope we see them around from time to time when they’re mature. I’ll leave the empty planter where it is; who knows who else might want to use it?

I wish I could say my back was feeling better, but if it is, it’s only fractionally so. I have a appointment with the quack tomorrow; we’ll see what he says. Normally, I’d be looking forward to playing some spring golf when I’m back in Massachusetts the week after next, but at this point I don’t see it happening. I’ve tried taking a couple of swings in my front yard, and while I can sorta swing a club, I can’t bend over to pick up my ball or put it on a tee, so what’s the point?

I’m really enjoying Wayne Stinnett’s Jesse McDermitt series of “Caribbean Adventure” novels. I’m already on book four of the series and they’re all very good. Breezy reads, definitely a notch below, say, James Lee Burke in their complexity and intensity, but that’s a good thing. I get all the intensity and complexity with work.

We had a storm pass to the north of us yesterday and today, and today’s temperatures didn’t even break eighty degrees. They’re saying the next time we see temps like this will be early November. Tomorrow it’s back to the eighties, Friday, the nineties, and then starting Saturday we’re in the hundreds for, I’m guessing the next 4 1/2 months. Given that it’s May, folks here in the Valley of the Sun knew summer wasn’t going to stay away forever. So into the soup we go.

Enough for now, I’m going in to soak my back. Why not leave with some Yoko Ono for your listening pleasure?

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