April 29, 2018

…just because my life is on hold doesn’t mean there isn’t life going on out there.

…In fact just twelve feet from where I’m tapping away on this very keyboard, the mourning dove who chose an empty planter next to our side yard gate has had two beautiful little babies. There’s a runt and a curious one, and I think they’re both going to make it. The momma dove and her partner have done a great job putting to good use the thousands of years of evolution God has granted them; I’m so honored that it was our yard that was chosen for this marvelous event!

…I think this is the coolest thing. Queue some great music to go along with this.

…It’s pretty amazing to see just how petty the mainstream media is regarding President Trump; one can only imagine if it were Saint Barack Obama serving as the motivating factor behind this? My God, they’d be falling all over themselves in honor, praise, and glory. But it’s Trump, so the downplaying and tempering of expectations is the order of the day. If the President is able to pull this off, it will be as momentous as the Jimmy Carter’s Sinai peace accord and the fall of the Berlin Fall.

…Just don’t expect to see the mainstream media report it as such. They’re just a bunch of privileged, elitist a$$holes.

…because while his opponents are playing Chinese Checkers, Trump is playing 3D chess. And they’re too hung up in their own hate to recognize it.

I too miss Pope Benedict XVI. This so-called Social-Justice Warrior masquerading as Pope is a moron.

It’s things like this that make me realize just how much I despise social media. You have vile, spoiled people who actually think their opinion matters to the point where they can bully someone into being ashamed for simply doing what they feel like doing. It’s the Starbucks generation run amok, and I am so glad I’m at an age where I can tell them all to go to hell.

I’ve been anticipating the same thing Candace Owens and Kanye West are saying for years. The Democrats only care about African-Americans when November comes around during election years. They think African-Americans are too stupid and ignorant to carry around IDs that can be used for voting; they’ve destroyed generations of African-Americans through abortion and Planned Parenthood; and they’ve decimated the African-American family unit through policies that promote only dependency on their Democratic plantation owners. The fact that very high-profile African-Americans like West and Owens are speaking up has to have the Democrats shaking in their boots – they know that increased economic opportunities for African-Americans dooms them to the minority in Washington for years, if not decades to come.

…and it couldn’t happen to a more vile and racist group of people.

…Along those same lines, I loves me some Diamond and Silk.

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